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Good morning everyone!!! Hope everyone is doing well! Most of you know how much I LOVE exercise! I am truly blessed to be able to share my passion with others! One of my goals this year was to get outside of my comfort zone with exercise. I am kind of bad about getting stuck in the same routine and then I get frustrated because I don’t hit my goals. So this is my year to really change it up! 

My new adventure starts with a new boutique spin studio, Moxieride.

by Lauren Doyle

by Lauren Doyle

Spin class can be an intimidating class! I have been at my gym and can hear the loud music, instructors yelling to get faster and I watch  people leaving dripping in sweat! But it is always full and people keep coming back! I get the appeal, I’ve done spin and taught spin in the past but I haven’t taken a class in several years now.

My first experience with spin class was in college and it was rough! I had always been a swimmer and runner, not so much a biker! So my first class I was way outside my comfort zone and my tush was really sore from sitting on a bike seat for 45 minutes! I swore I would never do it again! A few months pass and I get my first big kid job and I get told I have to teach spin 4 times a week! WHAT! So needless to say I got use to the bike seat pretty quickly! 


Tuesday night I tried out the new boutique spin studio in Edmond, OK, Moxieride. They also have a location in Oklahoma city as well. The new location is at 15th and Bryant in the Spring Creek shopping center. I noticed the “coming soon” signs up and got online to sign up for my first class! Many boutique studio’s use the MindBody app for scheduling. You can walk in but in order to guarantee you have a bike or a space in class they encourage you to reserve a spot online.

Tuesday night was it! I got there about 10 minutes early. I got to meet the owner Melissa. She got me checked in and helped me with my shoe rental. So at Moxieride they have you wear clip-on cycling shoes. Rentals are $3. They do have some for you to buy if you so wish.  So I put my stuff in the locker, put my shoes on and head into the studio. It is dark in there, which my first thought is great, no one will be able to see how much I am sweating! I get introduced to Brian, who is another rider in my class. He helps set the bike up for my height and helps me get clipped in. As the class gets started the music gets loud and we start peddling, faster and faster. If you are sensitive to noise I would just bring some ear plugs.  It’s dark in there, no one will know you have them in!

Now we are about 10 minutes into class and  I look at the instructor and think how is it humanly possible for her legs to be moving that fast! Are my legs moving that fast? They were not, but hopefully with time they will!  I just kept telling myself, “this is your ride, do what you can!” The music is great, the instructor is full of energy and really encouraging! I find myself smiling while I have sweat starting to pour from my face. Thankfully they have hand towels on the bikes for this very reason. They did have us use some small hand weights for portions of the class. I immediately regret grabbing 3lbs hand weights! I thought, dang that is what you use to teach my classes……but I pushed through and made it. I like that the class incorporates upper body as well. It is really proving to be a full body workout.

45 minutes flew by! Before I knew it the class was over and we were un-clipping and stretching. The stretching felt so great! I was still standing and even had a smile on my face. I knew I had put in some work tonight! I will for sure be going back.  Great experience!

As I was trying this new adventure I thought if this would appropriate for weight loss clients. The spin bikes will accommodate someone who weighs under 350 pounds. However, I feel like spin class would be more comfortable for some one who is close to goal weight or post op. The bike seats take some getting use to! The intensity level in the class is high energy but you are in control of your resistance and speed, so you can do what you can. You can also wear a heart rate monitor and watch it to make sure you don’t get up to high. I had to remind myself of that several times, just ride your ride, don’t worry about everyone else.  If 45 minutes is too much, just come for as long as you can. The next time try to add a few more minutes. We all have our own journey! It may just start with 20 minutes but it’s better than nothing! 

If you are interested in trying the new studio you can check out their website:


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