turkey trot

We would like to wish each and everyone of you Happy Holidays this year! The holidays are my favorite season, but it is also a dreaded time too. I am constantly tempted by all the yummy treats and home cooked meals. It is also really hard to get my workouts in. I only have a few days to pack in as much family as I possibly can and exercise generally gets pushed aside. Well not this year! There are several things we can do to get our steps in!

Many cities host a Turkey Trot 5k on the morning of Thanksgiving! What a great idea! You can get your exercise in before all the festivities begin. You do not have to be a runner to participate. My family has participated in the Tulsa Turkey Trot in the past and we all really enjoyed it! My brothers are runners but my parents are not. They usually just come to cheer us on but this past year they participated!  I always keep in mind that if you work out you will generally make better choices with your meal. I don’t want to have to go do another 5k just to not feel as full after I eat. 🙂 So just keep it in mind this year.



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