We have had SO much rain lately and more is coming this weekend! I’m definitely not complaining but it does put a damper on my workout plans! 😉 We usually will take Claire on a walk at night but she doesn’t like the rain and would rather lay on her big comfy bed. Plus let’s get real, I’m probably not going to walk in the rain! I’ll go to the gym but not outside. So what can we do while we are stuck inside? 

Make up a circuit!!!  

Start with jogging in place or marching, 30 seconds

High knees 20 seconds 

Glute kicks 20 seconds 

rest 30 seconds

Air squats 10 each, remember weight in your heels when you do squats

Bicep curls….grab your weights, water bottles, bands etc….10 reps 

Tricep extension 10 each

Rest 30 seconds and then do it all again! 🙂 You could do this during commercial breaks or make a game out of it with your kiddos. Make exercise fun! You’ll feel better after you do it!  I promise you!



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