It’s the beginning of a new year and with a new year comes new goals. On almost every persons list is the goal of getting in shape or losing weight. You can find all kinds of information about losing weight on-line right now! But does it all work? One workout that has been pretty popular in recent years has been Tabata. Tabata exercise was founded by Dr. Izumi Tabata along with a team from the National Institute of Fitness and Sport of Tokoyo.  Generally the program consists of 4 minutes per exercise of H.I.I.T, high intensity interval training. High intensity is something we talk a lot about here at Weightwise, generally we discourage it. We want to target stored fat and working out for longer duration’s but lower intensity is a more efficient way to burn fat. 

So what is the big hype about H.I.I.T. Well in this study that used tabata exercise in two different groups of people it showed that people who just did cardio at lower intensities did show improvement with their cardiovascular system but not so much in the muscular system. People who did tabata exercises showed an improvement in both cardiovascular and muscular systems. So what is tabata?

20 seconds hard work

10 seconds recovery…..totally 8 round per exercise, 4 minutes total. 

So an example would be 

1. squats

2. high knees

3. climbing stairs

4. rowing

just to name a few ideas! So the 20 seconds of hard work…..you can push yourself and run or you could brisk walk….just start at whatever point you are at 🙂 

I think if you are looking to change things up you could incorporate this twice a week along with your walking and maybe you’ll see some different results! Good luck! 

If you are pre surgical, I would much rather you save this for after your procedure! 🙂 Something to look forward too! 

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