Written by Lauren Wilburn

I have many clients ask me about different fitness trackers and which would be the best for them. Well to be honest I haven’t tried many.  I have many clients who have the Nike Fuel Band and the Fit Bit as well as the Body Media. I personally have never used any of them. When I was at my internship we all wore pedometers. Pedometers are usually less than $20. The trackers in this article are closer to $100.   I think for many of us the appeal of a fitness tracker is to challenge yourself. There are some days I’m glad I never use one because I know it would be really bad and say I’m not getting enough activity. On the other hand there are days that I would like the challenge of getting more steps and burning more calories throughout my day. It just comes down to what you would prefer. I would encourage everyone to get at least 10,000 steps in daily. If you have a desk job that can become quiet the challenge most days, but it really encourages you to get up and out of your desk more throughout your day too. So I found this article about different trackers and so if your looking for a tracker you need to read the reviews.


Hope you are having a wonderful snow day!