Valentines Day is coming up and a lot of us are puzzled on what to get that special person. Of course there is the usual flowers and candy, but let’s think outside the box this year. For example, try staying in and cooking your sweet heart a healthier meal. Our dietitians can give you some great ideas! As for flowers, those are nice and will make any girl smile but I like creativity.  If you are trying to stick to your diet and exercise plan ask for something that has to do with fitness. For example, a nice yoga mat, yoga classes, resistance bands, heart rate monitor, a foam roller, stop watch or you could get them an Ipod nano and make a “love songs” play list like we use to do in middle school!  I love getting new work out clothing.  It makes me want to work out more once I get some new clothes. Does that happen to anyone else?  Weight loss surgery has to incorporate a lifestyle change so in order to do that it’s time to ditch the Valentines Day chocolates that we all love in exchange for something healthier. Good luck and I hope you all enjoy your Valentines Day.