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This article was written by Stephanie Moore MS, RD/LD

It’s not an uncommon question I hear in my office. Why not a gummy vitamin?

Vitamins can be tough on the stomach. Even the chewable bariatric vitamins can sometimes give people fits. But before you switch to a gummy vitamin, let’s try a few other options.

Our concern with a gummy vitamin is the lack of complete vitamins and minerals. To make it still “gummy” manufacturing needs to eliminate lots of key minerals. The other concern is in the ingredients list. The first ingredient- sucrose….also known as sugar.

What instead?

Bariatric vitamin companies are constantly working towards vitamins that settle well, and taste good. We carry Bariatric Advantage in Berry, Orange, Tropical and Vanilla. We also now carry Celebrate vitamins in Pineapple Strawberry, Grape and Mandarin Orange.

Not loving the chewables? Next option…Bariatric Advantage Multiformula Capsules. These are bariatric specific capsules that are smaller and quick to absorb. After a weight-loss surgery we have to be picky, because over-the-counter capsules/tablets/gels are not as well absorbed in the small pouch. A bariatric specific capsule, however, we don’t have to worry.

One more option you may consider- crystals. Bariatric Advantage makes a Mixed Berry Crystal that can be mixed in water and provides both the multivitamin and the calcium for the day. 2 scoops per day and you are covered. Just add in the iron, B12, probiotic (and if you are in need of Vitamin D).

Other questions on vitamin options? Call/email your dietitian for more specific recommendations. Online ordering can ship to your door at!

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