Hey everyone! How many of you have started a workout program and the entire time you were hot and pulling at your clothing? Chances are you didn’t have the right gear on.  No matter what activity you are doing you need to dress the part! I’m sure many of you have heard me say you need to invest in good exercise shoes, well the same goes for clothing. No more sweats that you are constantly tugging on while walking, it’s time to invest in some exercise clothes. How and where? Well that is a good question. I have discovered it can be quite intimidating to buy workout clothes. I use to buy a whole size bigger because I didn’t want it to look so tight or cling to me! Well I actually ended up spending more money because I bought the wrong size and the entire time I was tugging at my pants or my shirt.  Workout clothing is  meant to hug your body and wick away sweat. If you are wearing cotton clothing you are only making things worse. Cotton clothing holds moisture and can cause chafing, which everyone knows can be miserable and then we don’t want to continue our activity. We want to feel comfortable in our clothing. Whenever I get new workout clothes I feel empowered! I’m ready to take on the treadmill or get on my yoga mat. So where can you find some plus size workout gear and how should it fit?  Well there are more places than you think, here is a list and the sizes each place will carry.


Dicks Sporting Goods, Women S-2X & Men S-3X

Jc Penny, Women S-3X & Men S-5XL

Kohl’s, Women S-3X & Men S-4XB

Lane Bryant, Women 0X-4X

Walmart, Women S-5X & Men S-5X

Target, Women S-XXL & Men S-XXL

Old Nay also has plus size on their website 

Now that you know where to find some clothing, lets talk about fit. First off, ladies……if you wear leggings of any kind, this is very important information. If you can see any bit of shine, they are to small, believe me on this! Best way to check is squat down or sit in a chair front of the mirror, if they are shiny or you can see skin in the or around the knee area they are to small. They are shiny because the material is being pulled to much.  Girl code!! 🙂  So just go up a size if you see any shine.

Another lady tip, go get fitted for the perfect size for a sports bra. Dillard’s and JcPenny can size you, or if you are not around either store get out the old tape measure and follow the sizing chart. It is really important to have the right size to make exercise a little more enjoyable. 

Socks, you can get dri-fit socks anywhere. Cotton will just hold moisture and then cause you to have blisters and that we all know is misery. Shorts, try them on and walk around….if they are riding up, you  need a bigger size. Shirts should feel good and not like you are wearing a tent! 🙂 Workout clothes are supposed to wick sweat away so you want it to fit up against your skin at your comfort level of course. 


So while you are out doing some holiday shopping think about treating yourself to some new workout clothing! It will change your attitude in the gym! 




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