prawn-saladJust because you have undergone weight loss surgery and must now limit your calories does not mean that you can’t enjoy many of your favorite types of food. Life is about relishing what you love, and if you love food, you have every right to continue to eat certain types of food, modified and in small amounts, that is.

Nothing, from Thai to Greek, is off the menu if prepared correctly and modified to meet your body’s needs. But how can you alter your favorites to complement your new lifestyle?

Freedom, with health in mind

A bariatric diet at Phase 5 and beyond is really just a very clean, moderate diet based on foods that are proven to both nourish and sustain the body while supporting weight loss. The following world cuisines are made up of basic ingredients and spices that can be tailored to suit your meal plan.

With any bariatric diet, abide by the following basic rules:

Eat protein first for maximum satiation.
Eat between 3 and 5 small meals per day.
Consume liquids only 30-60 minutes before or after eating.
Avoid empty calories found in sweets, high-calorie liquids, and white carbohydrates.

Now, watch how these principles can be applied to the following favorite cuisines:


One of the most well-known, healthful diets is the Mediterranean way of eating, which is known to be heart-healthy. Aspects of both Greek and Italian meals, including fresh vegetables and lean meats, as well as a wide variety of fresh spices, are excellent components of a bariatric diet. Consume proteins first and leave out the pasta. Try our eggplant parmesan to get your first taste.


Thai food is also based on healthy building blocks. However, the sauces used in Thai cuisine are full of sugar and can pack on the pounds instead of helping you lose them. Use common sense when going to restaurants and ask for sauce served on the side. Also, stick with lightly-spiced curries with meat and vegetables and forego the rice and high-calorie noodles found in Pad Thai and other popular dishes. Fill up on appetizers like chicken satays before your meal and take the leftovers to go.

You’ve seen our roast pork and sauerkraut recipe, so you know that Polish-style delicacies are far from off the menu. Pickled items like sauerkraut provide healthy, probiotic enzymes for the stomach, and roast pork is an excellent source of lean protein. When eating dishes from this area of the world, load up on pickled veggies and lean meat to feel satisfied without needing heaping helpings of pierogies.

Bariatric eating need not limit your ability to consume delicious cuisine from all over the world. By modifying your favorite meals, you can continue to consume the foods you love and maintain your healthful diet, enjoying the rewards of both.