Our Facilities

Transforming Lives at the Summit Medical Center

WeightWise Bariatric Program and Summit Medical Center came together with the express goal of providing state of the art bariatric surgical care in a state-of-the-art specialty hospital. We continue to have a close relationship with the hospital because we share the exact same objectives – that is excellent weight loss surgery outcomes. This partnership has allowed our complication rates to stay well below the national average.

The WeightWise Bariatric Program and Summit Medical Center in Oklahoma

All patient rooms are private and have a fold out couch for one family member. Many of our patients comment that the hospital is more like a hotel than a hospital. This attentive care in an appropriately sized and intimate (at least as intimate as a hospital can be) facility make Summit Medical Center an excellent partner. Together we continually strive towards safe and successful operations and hospital stays.

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Room at Summit Medical Center Oklahoma

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