Low Carb Turkey Sausage Jambalaya

  • Starla Robinson
  • August 15, 2018
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Did anyone else grow up eating those boxed jambalaya mixes? The box mixes and smoked sausage have always been fairly affordable, so we ate it pretty often in my family growing up. Luckily, with this low carb turkey sausage jambalaya, I can enjoy a dish from my childhood without having so much carbohydrate and fat from the original stuff.


Low carb turkey sausage jambalaya – SPICY!

Another great thing about this dish is that it’s just as easy (actually, easier) than the box mix. It definitely took less time to put this together and the ingredients were fresher tasting. And for those of you cooking for family that doesn’t follow the low carb life, it’s easy to use the frozen cauliflower rice to make this low carb portion for yourself without having to feel like it’s a completely different meal.

A little note on the creole/cajun seasoning… it’s pretty spicy! Scale the seasoning back to a 1/2 tablespoon or less if you don’t like your food very spicy.


Use with caution – has quite the kick!

All in all, this is a great, quick meal for a night that you don’t want to spend more than 20 minutes in the kitchen. You can use peppers or onions like I did, or use different vegetables of your choice. You can also use chicken or ground beef instead of smoked turkey sausage. Feel free to make this your own!


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Low Carb Turkey Sausage Jambalaya
Low Carb Turkey Sausage Jambalaya Recipe by WeightWise
Cuisine American
Cuisine American
Low Carb Turkey Sausage Jambalaya Recipe by WeightWise
  1. If using frozen cauliflower rice, microwave according to directions on package. Dice the peppers and onions. Slice the turkey sausage into half-moon shapes.
  2. Add peppers and onions to a pan on medium heat and saute until tender.
  3. Add the sliced turkey sausage to the pan and saute until heated through.
  4. Add 1 cup of cauliflower rice.
  5. Add creole/cajun seasoning.
  6. Mix well until contents are evenly coated and heated through. Serve and enjoy!

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