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ReShape Balloon in Stomach

Weight loss options: What is the ReShape Dual Balloon?

Bariatric surgery can be a highly intimidating decision for anyone to make. However, the ReShape Dual Balloon is designed for significant weight loss without surgery. If you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle, but have been hesitant to try bariatric surgery because of its potential risks and long recovery time, the ReShape Dual Balloon could be the solution you’re looking for.

What does the ReShape Dual Balloon do?

reshape dual balloon

The ReShape Dual Balloon is a temporary, non-surgical procedure designed for weight loss. The dual balloon is actually comprised of two silicone balloons with a tube placed in the middle. They are filled with two cups of saline and a blue dye.

The dual balloon expands in your stomach, taking up empty space to help control your appetite so you can achieve significant weight loss. Once the tool is removed, long-term results of the dual balloon depend on each individual’s continuation of diet and exercise.

What you need to know

After receiving a substantial explanation of the ReShape Dual Balloon from a specially trained physician, you should be ready to move forward to the following steps:

1. You will first receive an evaluation from a medical professional to see if you qualify for the ReShape Dual Balloon.  

2. The dual balloon is inserted in your stomach endoscopically. It will remain in place for about six months while you receive support for maintaining healthy eating habits and exercise.

3. At six months, the balloon is removed and you will continue to be coached on how to follow a healthy lifestyle and retain your ideal weight.

Benefits of the dual balloon

One of the biggest advantages to incorporating the ReShape Dual Balloon into your weight loss plan as opposed to other bariatric options is the ability to complete this procedure without surgery. This means you won’t have to deal with ugly scars or potentially expose yourself to surgery risks.

There are no prolonged recovery times after the procedure is finished. In fact, placement of the dual balloon is completed in about 20 minutes. Since the balloon only stays in the stomach 6 months before removal, long term commitment is not necessary.  While weight-loss surgeries involve inserting permanent implants to redirect your digestive system, the dual balloon is removed at six months so you can live without foreign objects in your body that may cause complications down the road.

How you can qualify

You will need to find a local a ReShape physician who can walk through the process with you. Your doctor will give you a thorough overview of the procedure, its intended effects, potential risks as well as answer any questions you may have.

In order to qualify for the dual balloon, you must have:

  • A BMI between 30-40 with a co-morbidity. This includes health conditions related to obesity, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • No previous weight-loss surgery
  • Enthusiasm for living healthy lifestyle and making big changes in your life

If diet and exercise alone are not enough to reach your weight loss goals, give the professionals at WeightWise  a call to see if the ReShape Dual Balloon is right for you.

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