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Ardmore, OK Weight Loss Surgery

Interested in losing weight, but not sure where to start? Have other programs given you hope, only to see bad habits return? Afraid there’s nothing out there that’s just right for you? At WeightWise, we’ll start you on the weight loss journey and be there every step of the way.

Getting healthy and losing excess weight will transform your life and give you the energy you need to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Our surgeons are committed to working on an individual basis with each patient. First, they will determine if weight loss surgery is the right option and then to help you discover which procedure will best support you on your weight loss journey.

By viewing one of our free online seminars, you’ll learn why our patients have been so successful. Our program is about more than the surgery: we give you the tools and support you need to ensure long-term success. While we do offer in-person seminars, we realize that attending an in-person seminar is convenient for all Ardmore residents. That’s why we offer the online seminars, so you can watch from the comfort of your home.

Why Leave Ardmore, OK for weight loss procedure?

You may ask yourself if it’s just easier to find someone closer for bariatric surgery. Why travel to Edmond for a gastric bypass, duodenal switch, or other weight loss procedure? Because you want to make sure you’re getting the best, most complete procedure. That’s what WeightWise provides. Our program offers all the components of a healthy and successful weight-loss program.

Other programs may refer you to dieticians, trainers, and others as part of their pre- and post-operative plans. At WeightWise, we have an entire team working together to help you through this life-changing process. From the first meeting to the long-term support system after the procedure, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Edmond and an incredible team of experienced weight loss surgeons and specialists make our all-inclusive program stand out from other surgery centers in the Ardmore, OK, area. We can find the procedure that is right for you and your specific health requirements.

We’re an easy two-hour drive up I-35 from Ardmore, too. We have a partnership with SpringHill Suites in Oklahoma City, including special rates. This means you can arrive the day before and be well-rested for the procedure. After, you can enjoy the many parks in the area, find something to do along Memorial Road, or return to your room to relax.

Weight Loss Services we offer to Ardmore residents

We offer several programs and procedures at our facility, including both surgical and non-surgical. The following are a few examples of the bariatric surgery we offer.

Gastric Sleeve

This procedure is also known as a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. It reduces the size of a patient’s stomach without bypassing the intestinal tract. It is popular because gastric sleeve patients can get weight loss results like those that have gastric bypass, without intestinal rearrangement. This operation has less long-term complications requiring reoperation than other surgeries.

In some cases, the gastric sleeve is the first of a two-step process. Patients that have a body mass index of 60 or more, or carry their weight in the belly, may benefit from this kind of bariatric surgery. Essentially, the gastric sleeve is put in place to allow the patient to lose up to 100 pounds. From there, the second part of the procedure can take place.

Gastric Bypass

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, the most widely-used weight loss surgery in the U.S., can now be performed laparoscopically, which is a minimally invasive method that allows for quick recovery. Our patients have successfully attained healthy bodies and lifestyles through expertly performed gastric re-routing.

The surgery limits the amount of food you take in, as well as decreases the amount of fat and calories absorbed by the body. By skipping the main part of the stomach, as well as a part of the small intestine, your body begins to hormonally adapt to the new diet. Instead of eating less because you are literally full, you stop eating because your body feels satisfied sooner.

Duodenal Switch

The duodenal switch is an updated take on an old weight loss procedure. It is an aggressive procedure that has shown tremendous weight loss without the malabsorption of the earlier version and is very effective in treating diabetes.

For more information on any of these procedures, or to learn more about what we do, please contact us today. We also offer seminars and encourage anyone interested to attend.

Ardmore, OK FAQ

Will I have to stay overnight?

Yes. One or two nights. However, there are no restrictions on physical activity if we perform the operation laparoscopically. This means instead of a single large incision for the procedure, we use multiple smaller holes for completion. We do this in 99% of our operations and it allows patients to return to normal life into time at all.

However, you must follow our diet guidelines for the first two weeks. Any deviation from our food and drink program could result in less weight loss or injury.

There may still be a slight discomfort, but nothing that should affect your day-to-day activities. It might be nice to take the rest of the day off, however, and return to Ardmore the next morning. There is plenty to do in Edmond if you feel up to it. If you are interested in staying overnight, we recommend arriving the night before so you won’t feel rushed in the morning.

How far away is Edmond from Ardmore?

By car, Edmond is around 110 miles north of Ardmore. Depending on the time of day, it’s about a two-hour car ride on I-35 north. You’ll come through Oklahoma City, so you may encounter some congestion. You should be comfortable with your procedure, so if you have an early appointment, you may want to think about getting some accommodations the night before.

What if I’ve had previous problems with a procedure performed in or around Ardmore?

As in all cases of surgical complications after the fact, you should contact your original doctor. They’ll have more knowledge of you, the procedure, and aftercare. However, if the surgeon is not available, or you feel like you need a second opinion, please feel free to schedule a time in our office.

We do offer revisional surgery options if you are unhappy with the outcome. You should be aware, however, that in many cases, a secondary operation won’t be as successful as an initial procedure because of existing scar tissue.

Is it common to gain weight in the years following surgery?

This was a greater concern for this in the past when medical techniques were still in their infancy. However, great strides in technology and an expanding knowledge base make these procedures more durable.

That being said, the procedure is just one step of the program. We can bring you to the beginning, it’s up to you to finish the journey. At WeightWise, we are committed to seeing you through and will provide the support structure you need to succeed. But you need to be willing to make changes in your lifestyle, sometimes drastically.

Will my Ardmore-based insurance cover the procedure?

We can’t answer this question until we know more about your current insurance situation. Many plans cover bariatric surgery but require certain criteria be met before covering the procedure. This could include weight loss history or a smoking cessation plan, monthly visit schedule, or a diet and exercise program.

Click here for more information on insurance or financial situations. We’ll be more than happy to discuss all the options available to you.

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