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Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Today, medical costs are continuing to rise, health care plans are being altered, and government mandates on healthcare are changing often. For these reasons, many people who are looking to change their lifestyle and lose weight through weight loss surgery may see some appeal in seeking weight loss surgery and medical treatment in a different country, such as Mexico. But is it safe?  If you are considering undergoing surgery in Mexico, it is important to know what risks there are.



If you have ever undergone surgery or any other type of invasive medical treatment in the past, you will remember that afterward, you are not feeling your best. Traveling long distances, or even short distances, can be difficult after surgery and it can also increase your risk of developing surgery-related complications, such as infection or blood clots. Traveling limits your mobility and can be hard on your body, ultimately causing significant fatigue and a weakened immune system. The bottom line: traveling after surgery can be tough and pose risk for infection or other difficulties.


Some people may think that undergoing surgery in Mexico will be cheaper than in the United States. However, a lot of people forget that while the initial cost of the surgery may be slightly less expensive, there are many other expenses that add up to be as much or more than if you were to have the surgery in the U.S.

For example, patients will need to purchase a passport, roundtrip tickets to and from Mexico, and pay for a hotel, gas, and food expenses. In addition, medical care in another country likely won’t provide financing options to help pay for the surgery, whereas surgery in the United States will often provide those to help make it more doable.


After your surgery, there are many changes that will be happening not only to your body but to your lifestyle as well. Weight loss surgery not only sets a new body in motion, but it also sets you on a path towards a new life. However, when you have surgery in another country, there will be no follow up appointments to help you stay on track with your progress or new lifestyle. This could put a roadblock in your overall path toward success.  

Language barrier:

Unless you are traveling to your home country or you speak the language with total fluency, the language barrier could be a huge hurdle when it comes to receiving the care you need. Without 100% confidence in communicating with your doctor and the medical care team, you may not get the best care or the pain control that you need for your surgery.

Making the decision to have weight loss surgery is a big one and deciding to go to another country for the procedure is not something to take lightly. Our team at WeightWise can help provide you with alternatives that you may not have known about before you take the risk to go to Mexico for surgery.

WeightWise recognizes that surgeries like this can be life changing and we work with people of all kinds to help make their dream to lose weight a reality. Cost can be a factor for the average individual or family, so we work with several reliable financing providers to help make weight loss surgery a reality for those that qualify.  

Bariatric surgery can change your life and put you on the path of a healthy life! We believe that’s something that is worth every dollar spent. Contact us today for more information.

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