Weight Loss Surgery in Oklahoma City

Is your weight something you’ve worried about for months, even years? Are you not able to do the things you enjoy because you’re tired all of the time? Do friends and family worry about your health? Are you trying to find the right moment to get started on a weight-loss plan?

At WeightWise, there’s no time like the present to transform your life by losing weight and starting on the path toward maximum health and a joy-filled life. If traditional weight loss methods have not worked for you yet, weight loss surgery at a comprehensive surgery center might help.

What sets our all-inclusive program at WeightWise apart? We offer a free online seminar for potential patients and their families. This way you’ll be able to see what we have to offer and hear from the surgeons from the comfort of your own home.

Our state-of-the-art facility combined with a team of experienced surgeons and medical specialists in Oklahoma City offer each patient one-on-one counseling will help you through each phase of your weight loss journey. We’re committed to walking alongside our patients through the surgery and recovery process, in addition to the months following, so you can stay on track and continue to lose weight.

A short trip for Oklahoma City residents

While many of our clients visit us from Texas, Colorado, and other areas in the region, Oklahoma City is just a short car ride away from Edmond. Less than a 30-minute car drive, you’ll be able to meet with us whenever you’re available.

After the surgery, you’ll be able to return home that day. We’ll still want you to be available to return to the facility the next day if you’re experiencing major discomfort or for any other reason. Follow-up visits are always just a quick trip north.

Oklahoma City weight-loss service

Our surgeon’s Dr. Gregory Walton and Dr. Toby Broussard have worked with many people looking to change their lives for the better and they will enjoy working closely with you to help achieve your goals. First, our team will determine if weight loss surgery is the right option and then to help you discover which procedure will best support you on your transformational journey of weight loss.

WeightWise offers four surgeries. Which one is the right fit for you?

Gastric Sleeve
Otherwise known as a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, this is a very popular surgical procedure that reduces the size of a patient’s stomach without bypassing the intestinal tract. Gastric sleeve patients are able to achieve weight loss results similar to those possible with gastric bypass without intestinal rearrangement. This operation has less long-term complications requiring reoperation than other surgeries.

Gastric Banding
Gastric band surgery, including Lap-Band, uses a laparoscopic adjustable band to create a smaller stomach that enables the patient to feel full while consuming less food. Your surgeon inserts a silicone adjustable belt around the top of the stomach and will adjust the tightness of the belt during routine office visits to ensure the best fit.

Weight loss begins right away, and it’s estimated that patients lose one to two pounds every week. This surgery has been helping patients transform their lives for the last 17 years.

Gastric Bypass
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, the most widely-used weight loss surgery in the U.S., can now be completed using a laparoscopic technique, which is a minimally invasive method that allows for quick recovery. Our patients have successfully attained healthy bodies and lifestyles through expertly performed gastric re-routing.

Duodenal Switch
An improvement on the popular gastric switch, this procedure is the most complicated, as it combines two surgical techniques: restrictive and malabsorptive. It can be performed
through laparoscopy and allows the patient to consume less food which will
result in weight loss over time.

Oklahoma City weight loss FAQs

Edmonds is really close, but aren’t there weight-solutions in Oklahoma City?
Of course. You should have no problem finding a gym to join, a personal trainer to hire, or a nutritionist to visit. That’s three appointments to schedule, three locations to visit, and three different payments to keep track of. So while there are closer options, no one place offers everything WeightWise does.

WeightWise offers all of the above as well as a patient advocate to help guide you through the process. Our all-encompassing program brings every aspect of the weight-loss journey – from initial consultation through weekly follow-ups after the procedure – together under one roof.

A personal trainer may offer diet tips or a dietitian can recommend walking a mile a day. WeightWise offers it all in one complete package.

Is weight-loss surgery dangerous?
No. With advances in technology and technique over the past five years, weight-loss surgery for the morbidly obese is no more dangerous than having your gallbladder removed. Improved pre-operative preparation and post-operative care increase the safety of any weight-loss procedure.

As with any surgery, complications are always a concern, no matter how rare. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you use a surgeon with experience with these procedures. At WeightWise we make sure to perform a thorough medical evaluation so we have all of the information we need when deciding the most appropriate surgery.

After surgery, can I return to my normal life?
Yes and no. As far as the “yes” is concerned, when the surgery is done laparoscopically (as most of our surgeries are), our patients are able to return to normal physical activity immediately. Instead of a single large incision, we work through multiple small holes for most of our procedures. Returning to work, playing with your kids, or enjoying a stroll around the park are not only allowed but encouraged.

Now for the “no.” The one aspect of your life that you will not be able to return to is how you eat. All of our patients must follow a strict diet for the following two weeks after surgery. There are a few reasons for this: wavering from the diet can cause discomfort, decreased weight loss, and even injury.

More importantly, this new diet is training your body to require less food to be full and lessen hunger pangs. With one of our surgeries, your body will begin to change hormonally and adapt to a new diet.

How will I know if my insurance covers bariatric surgery?
Without seeing your coverage, we won’t know for sure how much of your procedure will be covered. If you could bring a copy of your insurance coverage to the initial consultation, one of our patient advocates can review it. You should be able to obtain a copy from your human resources department or from your private insurer.

For more financial information, visit our financial FAQ page.

Oklahoma City weight loss surgery could be the answer you have been looking for. Your transformation is just a phone call away. Our team at WeightWise is ready to help you start your new energy-filled life!

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