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WeightWise Needs Your Help

WeightWise needs your help!

If you haven’t seen the WeightWise team since 2012 or before, this is for you!

 As some of you might know, Dr. Walton and Dr. Broussard along with the entire WeightWise Team are working to publish data and post operation outcomes from our patients. This is a very exciting opportunity for us to give the public quality information about bariatric surgery through highly regarded medical journals.

 This is where you come in…

 We need up-to-date information from you including current weight and labs in order to be published. Quality Medical Journals require large numbers of patient follow up to even be considered for publication. 

 By sharing your information (you will remain anonymous in the studies) and our study being published, we hope to achieve a few goals:

o   To reverse the negative stigma associated with weight-loss surgery

o   To inform and lobby policy makers for more ubiquitous insurance coverage for weight loss surgery

o   Show that our process and facility makes for excellent outcomes

o   Identify present problems and potential complications

o   Educate, Cheerlead, Accountability

Your participation is the only way we can move forward. Please let us hear from you!

Complete the form below and return via fax, email, or snail mail or call our office to make your follow up appointment! We look forward to hearing from your or seeing you soon.

Participant Study Form

Please return form to
Alexis – Study Coordinator/Project Manager
fax: (405) 844-3440

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  • comment_avatar

    Judy Laflin


    Please send form and I will be happy to complete it. I cannot get it to come up on . I would love to fill out the form.


    • comment_avatar

      Lauren Armstrong


      Thanks, Judy! I will email it to you now.


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