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Safety and Risks of Bariatric Surgery


Source: https://www.bariatric-surgery-source.com

It is common to hear misconceptions about bariatric surgery. Statements like, “It is a dangerous surgery”, “Won’t you die from that”, or “It is the easy way out” are false statements. These paint a picture of the safety and risks of bariatric surgery that is untrue and misleading. They may also prevent people from getting safe and effective treatment.

When considering bariatric surgery, it is best to be informed with all of the facts. You can discuss the safety and risks with your surgeon and/or other physicians handling your care.

Risk of Mortality (death):

While any elective or emergency surgery comes with risks, bariatric surgery is actually one of the safest operations. It has a mortality rate under 0.2%. That means that the risk of death with bariatric surgery is lower than the risk associated with gallbladder removal or hip replacement surgeries.

Safety with WeightWise:

While the national death rate for bariatric surgery is less than 2 in 1000 surgeries, WeightWise in Oklahoma has a death rate of zero. That’s right. Since opening our doors in 2006, the surgeons at WeightWise have performed approximately 4,000 surgeries with zero deaths related to surgery. 

Research has also found that mortality from other causes decreases after bariatric surgery. In fact, individuals can see up to an 89% reduction in mortality after gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgeries. There is a highly significant decrease in deaths from specific diseases as well.

  • Cancer mortality decreases by 60% post bariatric surgery.
  • Diabetes mortality decreases by 90% post bariatric surgery.
  • Heart Disease mortality decreases by 50% post bariatric surgery.

Every surgery includes different individual risks. Your medical history is thoroughly reviewed with our team to ensure your personal risk is minimized. It is important to discuss your concerns or specific risks for each surgery with our surgeons.

Interested in more information? Please attend one of our FREE seminars for details on the safety and risks of bariatric surgery.


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