Success stories always make me cry. The three-legged dog at the shelter who finds a home. The underdog coming back to win the championship game. The kid who gets a scholarship for a college they couldn’t afford. And your stories. Tears. Lots and lots of tears.

I love hearing the different reasons everyone has to make the decision to lose weight. Because everyone is so different. We have heard from Karlee who wanted better control of her health and lupus; Rachel who wanted to prevent health issues; John wanted to overcome his addiction to food; and Laura who was looking for more confidence. One of the most important things I tell each of my patients– you have to know why you want this change for yourself– keeping that goal and motivation in mind makes those difficult choices so much easier to make.

This month for the patient spotlight we are hearing from Jennifer. Her motivation? Mobility. Movement and independence is something we take for granted until it becomes difficult. Jennifer has that back now. I hope you enjoy her story as much I do!

weightwise patient Jennifer has lost over 230 pounds since surgery, and has maintained for over 3 years.

Jennifer has lost over 230 pounds since surgery and is holding strong for 3+ years!

Patient Spotlight: Jennifer’s story…

My main motivation for losing weight was mobility. Being mobile was getting increasingly difficult! I was actually unable to walk without the assistance of a walker. Regular housekeeping was difficult as well– I cooked and washed dishes while sitting in a chair! I became that person people looked at with pity.

Before Jennifer lost 230+ pounds, everyday tasks were much more difficult...

Before Jennifer lost 230+ pounds, everyday tasks were much more difficult…

The goals I set for myself I felt I would never reach. When I began the program, I wrote down a goal weight. The number I wrote was impossible to me then, it was a number I would never see. However, three years after having surgery today, I am at that weight and holding firm!


I don’t know if I would change anything about what I did the day of surgery. I prayed about this decision to have surgery and I was blessed with a new sense of calm. I knew I was in good hands.

How do I stay successful? I try to remember to “go back to the basics”. I have been taught well by my patient advocate and dietitian. I know what to do- but it ultimately comes down to choices and choosing well.

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I came to WeightWise because I witnessed success from others in the program. I also loved the education from Dr. Broussard’s seminar. One of the best things I can share if you are at the beginning of your journey is to stay connected. It has been very helpful in my journey to stay connected through the support groups! It is a great way to meet new friends who are all in the same boat as you and share your journey.

Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing.

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