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Duodenal Switch

Single Anastamosis Loop Duodenal Switch

Single Anastamosis Loop Duodenal SwitchThis operation is a modification of a well-known and very aggressive malabsorptive operation called the Duodenal Switch. The formal Duodenal Switch (DS) operation carries a higher Type II Diabetes Mellitus (DMII) resolution and higher percentage of weight loss than any of the other currently available operations; however, it also carries a significantly higher rate of malnutrition and severe vitamin deficiencies.

SADS The operation requires the intestine to be divided twice and reconnected differently twice. The “common channel” (where food and digestive enzymes mix) is very short – around 75cm about 30”. This gives the intestines a very short segment in which to break down and absorb nutrients. An excellent result with the formal DS is usually associated with around 4 bowel movements per day.

Recently, surgeons have become interested in finding ways to modify the formal DS to take advantage of its DMII resolution and excellent weight loss while minimizing the malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies and diarrhea. The “single anastamosis DS” or SADS or SIPS (Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-preserving Surgery) is the result of that research. The naming convention is somewhat confusing, but the idea is relatively simple. The intestine is divided only one time, just past the stomach, and a “loop” of small bowel approximately 300cm from the end is connected to the duodenum. This creates 300cm of common channel and significantly reduces malnutrition, severe vitamin deficiencies and diarrhea. Weight loss and DMII resolution are still very good. The longest term data comes from a study done in Spain and is just 4 years old, so long term weight loss, DMII resolution and long term complications are unknown at this point.

How Much Does Duodenal Switch Surgery Cost?

WeightWise works with preferred lenders to help patients without insurance coverage pay for bariatric procedures. Patients who finance with these lenders or who pay cash can expect the following charges:

  • Duodenal Switch original operation: $20,000
  • Duodenal Switch revisional operation: $13,000

Both procedures include:

  • Pre-op visit with your surgeon
  • Charges associated with the surgery
  • A two-night uncomplicated hospital stay
  • One year of follow up with your surgeon

These prices do not include medical treatment and tests that may be required leading up to surgery. Visit our financial FAQs page to learn more about paying for bariatric surgery, with or without insurance.

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