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WeightWise has established a program to help people realize the full potential of the lap band fill program. Many have undergone adjustable band operations but have not been given the long term keys to success. As with any bariatric surgery, it’s what happens afterward that determines how successful it is.

Therefore, to establish care, the patient must participate fully in the education and practice of successful behaviors according to the WeightWise philosophy. Any patient who has had a gastric banding system placed by another surgeon in Oklahoma will need to watch an online seminar.

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What is a lap band fill?

The laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LAGB), more simply known as the lap band, is one of the many weight loss surgeries available for losing weight. A bariatric surgeon places a band around the upper portion of the stomach then injects saline into the band.

The lap band fills to a certain point and restricts the food portion size than can enter the stomach. The gastric banding procedure helps patients feel full faster. Which is important – patients are put on a strict diet of liquids for the first two weeks, then two weeks of soft proteins. In a month or two, patients can start eating solid food.

However, the initial filling probably won’t be perfect. The band may be too tight, not allowing food to enter, or too loose, causing the band to slip and allowing too much food in. That’s why band fill procedures are needed, to make sure the bands are filled to an appropriate level.

What is our Program?

WeightWise is not a “Band Fill Center,” but a program for success which includes band adjustments. Only people who are interested in encompassing the entire program are candidates.

In order to get patients started on the right track, the first visit will consist of consults with diet and exercise as well as a physician extender, a nurse practitioner experienced in post-op management. WeightWise dietitians will provide an overall eating plan designed for band patients and exercise will assist with making sure that patients are active. After the first visit, recommendations will be made to the patient on the frequency of follow-up visits with diet, exercise or both.

Each successive visit will consist of the patient seeing the physician extender for approximately fifteen minutes and discussing any problems associated with the band as well as getting it filled or unfilled. The first visit may or may not warrant a fill or un-fill. This will become evident to the provider. Fills or un-fills are at the providers’ discretion. First fills may involve fluoroscopy. Successive fills will need fluoroscopy only in unusual cases.

Patients are expected to attend at least one support group meeting, but are encouraged to regularly attend as the accountability and encouragement provided are essential to long-term success. WeightWise reserves the right to exclude patients from the program for non-compliance.

Our Four Pillars of Success Include:

  • Eliminate carbohydrates (they poison the fat burning mechanism and create hunger)
  • Drink at least 96 oz. of no-calorie, non-carbonated, non-caffeinated liquid per day
  • At least thirty (30) minutes of exercise per day – not intense, just consistent (walking, stretching, etc.)
  • Attend follow-up visits and support groups for accountability and cheerleading

How Much Does it Cost?

The initial appointment consists of a visit with diet and exercise as well as a visit with a physician extender for a band fill. The costs are as follows:

  • Interview and physical exam by a nurse practitioner or physicians assistant – $155.00
  • A band fill or un-fill (if warranted) is included in this price, the patient will also receive a follow-up plan for continued success.
  • Upper GI to assess for complications of the band – $175.00 (paid to Summit Medical Center )
  • Initial visits with diet and exercise – $70.00
  • RMR and VO2 Testing (if necessary) – $150.00
  • Initial labs will be obtained – (labs drawn from another provider within 3 months of this visit will be accepted)

Follow-up visits will consist of:

  • Interview and physical exam by a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant – $155.00
  • A band adjustment if warranted (included)
  • Continued follow through on weight loss success with WeightWise providers dietitian and exercise at the usual a la carte rate
  • Diet – $20.00 per 15 min
  • Exercise – $15.00 per 15min
  • Psychological assistance is available as well, prices vary
  • An x-ray may be required in rare cases to access the band’s port – ~ $120.00 (Paid to Summit Medical Center)
  • WeightWise will not bill insurance for any band-fill services. The patient will be responsible for the self-pay cost.

Who is Eligible for Lap-Band Fill Program?

Any patient who has had a gastric lap band surgery is eligible for care.

WeightWise reserves the right to exclude patients from the band care program if that patient is non-compliant with the principles of the program, cannot produce requested medical documentation, is not healthy enough to participate in the program or whose normal care would represent an undue risk of complication.

What Do Patients Need?

An EGD or Upper GI is necessary to look for any damage and assure the correct placement of the gastric band. If patients have actual films from recent imaging (less than two months old) they may bring those in instead.

Patients will also need to complete the standard WeightWise paperwork packet. This can be completed via the online Patient Dashboard. If the records pertaining to a patient’s original surgery or previous band fills are available we will request copies of those as well.

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