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Patient Advocates

Patient Advocates are absolutely indispensable as cheerleaders, financial counselors, and personal assistants during the pre-operative process. These people are truly your advocates. They help you navigate through each phase of the process.

Why are patient advocates important?

Going through weight loss surgery is huge. You’re not only getting ready to change your lifestyle and make a dramatic change to your body for the rest of your life, but you are also likely juggling other details like financing, time off work, and much more. Patient Advocates walk alongside you to help you make your way through the web of insurance in order to help get financing in order, and they work with you to understand your pre-operative requirements.

Most of all, they are there for you to provide valuable emotional support where needed. If you are scared about what to expect before, during, or after your surgery, Patient Advocates can help answer your questions and offer advice. Make a list of questions and call your Patient Advocate and they will be glad to assist you. They are there to lend support in as many ways possible; they are on your side.

Every patient undergoing a life-changing weight loss surgery can benefit from an advocate that is cheering them on, helping them get through this time with success. Even if you have family and friend support, a Patient Advocate provides an extra level of advocacy that truly shows that they have your back. Patient advocacy begins at the first appointment and can continue into the post-operative time, as they can help answer questions about your recovery and make sure there are not any outstanding issues happening with insurance that could cause stress later down the road.

Patient Advocates are the true experts of the process and are experienced working with insurance companies, referral physicians, outside labs, and patients. They will assist in every step throughout your lifetime journey at WeightWise. Each patient is assigned a Patient Advocate at their first visit with us. We are proud of our team of Patient Advocates at WeightWise. They understand what you are going through and can relate with the myriad of questions you might have. Our Patient Advocates are passionate about caring for the whole person from start to finish. We look forward to matching you with an advocate that can help walk you through your exciting new journey of weight loss.

Tina Burton - Patient Advocate

Tina Burton, Patient Advocate

In May of 2008, Tina was originally hired as a receptionist but quickly promoted to Patient Advocate. She had the Laproscopic Gastric Bypass surgery in December 2008 and now works with Dr. Broussard’s patients. Because of her personal experience with surgery, Tina prides herself on being a compassionate but diligent “advocate” for the patients of WeightWise.

Contact Tina directly at: tina.s@weightwise.com

Lisa Morris - Patient Advocate

Lisa Morris, Patient Advocate

Lisa started at WeightWise in 2009 as a receptionist. As she wanted to work more closely with patients, the transition was made to Patient Advocate in August 2011. Lisa enjoys the challenges of the job and the satisfaction of helping patients to reach their weight-loss goals. “It is immensely satisfying to watch the transformations in the lives of our patients. I am truly inspired working for a company who’s mission is Transforming Lives.”

Contact Lisa diectly at: lisa.m@weightwise.com

Tina Burton - Patient Advocate

Taylor Hammack, Patient Advocate

Taylor joined the WeightWise team in January 2021 as a receptionist. She quickly transitioned to Patient Advocate in October 2021. Taylor is looking forward to helping patients navigate our program and reaching their weight loss goals. “All advocacy can be defined as empathy. I strive to have an understanding and share the feelings of the patients I will be helping.

Contact Taylor directly at: taylor.h@weightwise.com

Jayme Peters - Patient Advocate

Jayme Peters, Patient Advocate

Jayme and her family reside in her hometown of Edmond. She has had experience within the WeightWise Bariatric Program since 2011. Jayme’s respect and belief in this program has led her to the rewarding position of Patient Advocate, joining the team in 2013. “I’ve always enjoyed working with people and find it exciting and satisfying to help patients through their weight loss journey. I hope to have a positive effect on those whom I encounter everyday!”

Contact Jayme directly at: jayme.s@weightwise.com

Jenny Moncayo - Patient Advocate

Jocelyn Edwards, Patient Advocate

Jocelyn started at Weight Wise in February 2019 after moving to Oklahoma from neighboring Dallas, Texas. She enjoys working closely with patients to help them feel confident and have success in their weight loss journey. “I want to let my patients know weight loss is achievable and they are not alone. It is extremely satisfying working for a company that gives back to so many, a better quality of life.”

Contact Jocelyn directly at: jocelyn.e@weightwise.com

Kallie Machtolff  - Patient Advocate

Kallie Machtolff, Patient Advocate

Kallie is the newest addition to the Patient Advocate staff. She previously worked as a medical assistant in the Mercy health system. She has been a WeightWise patient since 2014 and had the roux-en-y procedure performed by Dr. Broussard in 2016. She has a great ability to multi-task and is a strong proponent of WeightWise’s holistic approach to weight loss. “You just don’t find this kind of program anywhere else.”

Contact Kallie directly at: kallie.m@weightwise.com

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