Lap Band Surgery Oklahoma

The Adjustable Gastric Band or Lap Band system is a silastic adjustable “belt” placed around the top of the stomach. It was approved by the FDA for the treatment of obesity in 2001. The “belt” is attached to tubing which is then attached to a port that is placed under the abdominal skin. The tightness of the “belt” is adjusted during a routine office visit where fluid is instilled into or removed from the port. The goal is to adjust the band to the size that allows the patient to lose weight and feel full when eating solid protein.

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How the Lap Band Works

When the band is placed during surgery, it is empty. Patients follow a very strict postoperative diet regime after surgery. This allows the band to heal in place prior to the filling of the band. Patients are seen routinely after this six week period to adjust the tightness of the band according to how fast the patient is losing weight and what they are eating. During the patient’s lifetime, he or she will need occasional fine tuning of the band to maintain the weight loss.

Maximum weight loss with the band will usually take two to three years to accomplish, which means that weight loss is slow and consistent over time if the patient adheres to the prescribed diet. If lifestyle changes with diet and exercise are not consistent, weight loss potential is limited.

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