Medical Weight Loss Program Oklahoma City

Some overweight or obese people are not quite ready to commit to weight loss operations. WeightWise offers a medical weight loss program (also known as the metabolic program) as a solution for this group. The program consists largely of the same services provided to surgical program patients without proceeding to weight loss surgery.

What does Medical Weight Loss Do?

All medical weight loss patients will adhere to the broader principles of WeightWise. In order to get patients started on the right track, the first visit will consist of a visit with a Nurse Practitioner, labwork as deemed necessary, metabolic testing* (RMR) and a consult with diet. WeightWise dietitians will provide an overall eating plan designed specifically from metabolic testing data. The second visit to the clinic will consist of follow-up with the NP, diet, metabolic testing* (VO2) and exercise.

The exercise physiologist will use the data from the VO2 to design a specific fat-burning workout regimen. Subsequent follow-ups with NP, diet & exercise will be based on patient need and desire. This will allow diet and exercise time to adjust the patient’s program where necessary as well as let the patient see the type of results they can achieve through the program. WeightWise reserves the right to exclude patients from the program for non-compliance.

Four Pillars of Weight Loss Success:

1. Stay away from carbohydrates (CHO’s) – poisons the fat burning mechanism and creates hunger.
2. Drink at least two liters (96 oz.) of no calorie, non-carbonated, non-caffeinated liquid per day.
3. At least thirty (30) minutes of exercise per day – not intense, just consistent.
4. Attend follow-up visits for accountability and any changes that may need to be implemented.

First Visit:

  • Initial visit with Nurse Practitioner – Copay is collected then billed to insurance. If you do not have insurance coverage, the cost is $135.00.
  • Initial screening lab panel

Second Visit:

  • Initial visit with dietitian -$60.00
  • Initial visit with Exercise- $20.00

– with the option to add Resting Metabolic Rate testing $100.00 and V02 testing $100.00

Follow-up Visits:  Every 4-6 weeks

  • Follow-up visit with dietitian -$40.00
  • Follow-up visits with Exercise- $20.00
  • Follow-up with Nurse Practitioner and review of lab results – Copay is collected then billed to insurance. If you do not have insurance coverage, the cost is $85.00.


Who Is Eligible?

Any patient who is looking to lose weight in a non-surgical program. Patients come to us looking to lose 10 pounds, 100 pounds and more. We have had success in treating all different weight loss needs.

WeightWise reserves the right to exclude patients from the medical weight loss program if that patient is non-compliant with the principles of the program, cannot produce requested medical documentation, is not healthy enough to participate in the program or whose normal care would represent an undue risk of complication.

Next Steps

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