Weight Loss Success Story Kathrine Barrows

Describe your life before you had Weight Loss Surgery.

“My weight kept me from getting on the floor and playing with my grand babies. I was not able to keep up with others when we go on vacation. Even walking made me out if breathe and swollen and extremely tired. Enlarged liver with fatty tissue and diabetes.”

How long were you considering Weight Loss Surgery before you came in?

Took me three years to make the call to talk about surgery. Waited for insurance to finally take effect. The opportunity came up and insurance approved so i went ahead and got it all scheduled. Wanted to be able to see my grandkids grow up and enjoy as much of life as I could with them, my kids, family and friends.

What was it like to work with our team?

It was amazing. The team assigned to me has ALWAYS been supportive and have always answered questions and concerns in a timely manner. They are compassionate.

Describe your life now, after Weight Loss Surgery.

I love that I have more energy to be able to keep up with my 11-year-old and my grandkids.

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