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Dietitians play a very important role in the lives of bariatric procedure patients after surgery is complete. Because weight loss surgery is so life-changing and requires a total readjustment of life processes, many patients can find it overwhelming to learn how to eat in a new way. Dietitians help patients learn about nutrition, so they can embrace their new lifestyle and still enjoy food at the same time. They also keep patients on track to make sure they are eating healthy so they don’t slip back into the pre-op routine.

Why are dietitians important?

A good dietitian works with patients to set realistic goals, educate them on what items are safe to eat right after surgery while providing information on what nutrients are required for your post-surgery body. In addition, dietitians serve as a sort of accountability partner that can help you stay on the path of eating well. Dietitians will also help advise patients on what new habits they need to develop such as not eating too fast or drinking with meals. In addition, they will help you develop meal plans, recommend new recipes, and encourage you in your path toward weight loss. Your postop vitamin regimen is established and individually tailored with your dietitian based on your needs. Not to mention, they can also help troubleshoot any issues you might be having that could be detrimental to weight loss.

After weight loss surgery, you are essentially embarking on a new life. You will need to create new eating schedules and retrain yourself on what you focus on eating and how you view food. This is a huge adjustment for most people and what better way to start out your new journey than with a dietitian who understands the inner workings of your body post-surgery? A good dietitian will understand what you are going through, will not put any judgment on you, and help you figure out the best way to form meal plans that fight off cravings with healthy food options. In essence, a great dietitian helps you make a well-rounded plan that is beneficial for your new body!

Encouragement and support go a long way in life, no matter what you are tackling. But when it comes to bariatric surgery, you especially need someone to walk alongside you to help you through your lifestyle changes as well as the changes that are happening with your body. By working with a dietitian on a weekly basis, you have the opportunity to learn everything you can about your diet after surgery, so you don’t risk letting your body get back to the way it was before you had surgery.

Give yourself permission to be real with an experienced dietitian that is on your side, no matter what. We are proud of our team of dietitians who specialize in bariatrics at WeightWise. You have unlimited access to them both before and after surgery so utilize them well. Talk to us today about weight loss surgery and if it’s an option for you!

Rachelle Law - Dietician

Rachelle Laws, MA, RD/LD

Rachelle, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, earned a Masters of Arts in Dietetics from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) in 2013. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Biology from the University of Missouri- Kansas City. Rachelle joined the WeightWise team in September 2013. “It is an honor to be a part of the transformation and help our patients reach their goals.”

Contact Rachelle directly at rachelle.l@weightwise.com

Starla Robinson - Dietician

Grace Hernke, MA, RD

Grace, a Registered Dietitian (RD), earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences and a Master of Arts in Dietetics from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Grace recently joined the WeightWise team in August of 2022. Grace initially became interested in dietetics due to bariatrics and now hopes to provide support to all patients through evidence-based nutrition recommendations. “It is an honor to be a resource for our patients and to be part of their journey to become the healthiest version of themselves.”

Contact Grace directly at grace.h@weightwise.com

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