Revisional Procedures

WeightWise has developed a special program to help patients with the possible options of revisional surgery. Because each individual is different and many different weight loss operations exist, revisional surgery cannot be summed up in several paragraphs. This issue is best approached by dialogue with your surgeon to discuss what options are available based on your individual needs. Your surgeon will look at the details of each patient’s history and make recommendations to help determine if a revisional surgery is indeed feasible.

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In general terms, revisions of previous weight loss operations or conversions from one type of bariatric operation to another are possible. We have had excellent success in this area, but several things should be kept in mind:

1) Revisional operations have a higher complication rate than “first time” operations – primarily because of the scar tissue requiring more dissection of the tissues. The scar tissue and the resultant dissection may result in healing problems.

2) Revisional operations require a “restart” from a psychosocial standpoint – that is to say, you must change what you do, as the operations are only a tool (this is our philosophy of our “first time” patients as well).

3) While revisional operations can be effective, they are usually less effective than first time operations – tend to lose less excess weight than “first time” operations.