Open Gastric Bypass — and What We Recommend

WeightWise does not recommend open gastric bypass surgery in Oklahoma City. We think there are better options with better outcomes for our patients. To that end, instead of open gastric bypass surgery, we believe that minimally invasive laparoscopic gastric bypass is the way to go.Photo of an orange on a daily planner

Open gastric bypass is still performed as one of the primary weight-loss options in the United States and the world. And it has achieved good results. However, the laparoscopic approach to gastric bypass has much to recommend it.

About Our Recommendations

A few reasons why we recommend the laparoscopic approach:

  • instead of one large incision (as in open gastric bypass), we make several smaller incisions
  • faster recovery rate (open gastric bypass takes much longer to heal)
  • lower wound infection rate
  • lower hernia rate

Consider also that laparoscopic — or Roux-en-Y — gastric bypass surgery has been considered for many years to be the “Gold Standard” of weight-loss surgeries. In fact, it’s long been one of the world’s most commonly performed weight-loss surgeries. It involves creating a new stomach pouch and connecting it directly to the small intestine (jejunum).

Practitioners have more than four decades of data available to us when we choose to recommend open gastric bypass surgery to our patients. (That’s one of the reasons why it was long considered the “Gold Standard” of bariatric surgeries.)

Furthermore, we often recommend the laparoscopic gastric bypass as the appropriate alternative because we have determined that it is a safer alternative to the open gastric bypass approach.

WeightWise and Open Gastric Bypass

We understand that patients have choices when it comes to finding weight-loss surgery centers, bariatric surgeons, and weight-loss procedures in Oklahoma City.

We also understand that patients have choices when it comes to the type of weight-loss procedures they are willing to undergo.

And lastly, we know that patients suffering from obesity and obesity-related illnesses are inundated with all kinds of information and recommendations regarding their care.

Our goal is to help our patients achieve and sustain a lifetime of health and wellness. We reach that goal by encouraging, fostering, and leading an open dialogue with our patients.

We also aim to provide our patients with all the knowledge and resources they need to make the best and most informed decision for themselves.


We have a comprehensive suite of surgical and nonsurgical weight-loss procedures. These have proven over time to help our patients lose weight and keep it off.

The fact that open gastric bypass is not typically one of the options means we have done our due diligence. This is critical in order to make an informed decision to encourage our patients to look into other options.

We know you will probably have questions about open gastric bypass. We are here to answer any and all of your questions, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Closeup of jogging woman tying running shoeWeight control and healthy weight management leading to weight loss have many health benefits. Think lower blood pressure and increased enjoyment of physical activity, diet, and exercise. Plus, reduced risk of strokes, heart attacks, sleep apnea, and so much more.

We will guide you through the weight-loss surgery process. We’ll encourage you to eat bariatric-friendly food foods. We’ll monitor your carbohydrate intake so as to head off additional and unwanted weight gains.

After all, the sooner you get in touch with WeightWise, the sooner we can get you on a path to feeling better and living your best and healthiest life.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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