Bariatric Surgery in Dallas

Your life is valuable and if you are looking to transform your health and change your lifestyle, now is a great time to make that decision. There are plenty of weight-loss programs to choose from, and maybe you’ve even tried one or two in Dallas with lackluster results. Perhaps the diet was too restrictive, the physical training unrealistic, or maybe you just didn’t receive the support you needed.

With WeightWise, we’re with you every step of the way. From the initial meeting with one of the surgeons to the surgery itself, and the weeks following, you’ll receive the support you need for this journey. We want what’s best for you, and after the first consultation, our surgeons will help you decide the most effective way forward.

Still not sure if what we’re offering is different than every other weight loss business? WeightWise offers FREE online seminars. You’ll learn why our patients have been so successful at losing weight, and keeping it off when you’re ready.

Why look outside of Dallas for weight-loss surgery?

Dallas is a large, growing, metropolitan city that ranks in the top 10 for the overall population. With several professional sports teams to root for, including the Cowboys and Mavericks, libraries, museums, and even a zoo, there’s always something to do in Dallas.

And while it’s true there are plenty of weight-loss options to choose from in Dallas, none are as all-inclusive or thorough as WeightWise. Our state-of-the-art facility is second to none, our surgeons are experienced and highly-skilled, and our staff is friendly, helpful, and supportive. We’ve worked with several Dallas residents in the past, and look forward to helping many more.

It’s also understandable if travel is a concern. While Dallas is about three hours and 30 minutes away from Edmonds by car, you could consider it a road trip to a better life. With a friend or family member along for the ride, it could be considered a little mini-vacation.

Still a little too long a drive? There are daily flights from Dallas to Oklahoma City, and then a short drive on to Edmonds, so you can make the trip whenever it fits into your schedule. By arriving the day before the surgery and leaving the day after, you can consider it a short getaway from your usual day-to-day activities.

Weight loss procedures for Dallas residents

Our team of surgeons understands that you need support on your journey to weight loss and they are dedicated to working closely with you, through each phase of the process. First, they will work with you to determine if weight loss surgery is the right option and then will help you discover which procedure will work best for you and your body type.

They will look closely at your medical history and talk to you in depth about your options, so you can make the best decision with all of the necessary facts. Here are a few of the surgeries we offer:

Gastric Banding
This surgery, including the Lap-Band, is a laparoscopic procedure that uses an adjustable band to create a smaller stomach. This allows the patient to feel full while consuming less food. The surgeon uses a silicone adjustable belt around the top of the stomach and adjusts the belt’s tightness during routine office visits to ensure maximum effectiveness. Patients generally use one to two pounds a week this way.

Gastric Sleeve
This procedure is also known as a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. It is popular because it reduces the size of a patient’s stomach without bypassing the intestinal tract. Gastric sleeve patients can see weight loss results like those possible with gastric bypass without intestinal rearrangement. This operation has less long-term complications requiring reoperation than other surgeries.

Duodenal Switch
This is an aggressive procedure that improves on older weight loss surgeries. Effective at treating diabetes, this duodenal switch is a combination of two surgical techniques: restrictive and malabsorptive.

If you live in Dallas and you are ready to make a change for the better and lose weight, our team at Weight Wise is standing by. Once you have undergone bariatric surgery and you have lost weight, you will be able to experience Dallas with the energy and enthusiasm that you may have lacked before. Contact us today to get your consultation appointment scheduled.

Dallas weight loss FAQs

I have health insurance in Dallas. Will it cover my surgery?
Without knowing more about your current insurance situation, we can’t know for sure. However, when you call, we can certainly take your insurance information to find out more about your coverage.

However, bariatric surgery is becoming more recognized as a procedure for improving health. That means many insurance plans to offer some kind of coverage as long as you meet certain requirements. This could include a plan to quit tobacco if you smoke, a detailed diet and exercise program, a review of your weight loss history, and other criteria.

Are there other ways of paying?
Certainly. There are several options for payment, including cash, insurance (in network and out of network), or a combination of both. For more financial information about procedures and how to pay for them, click here to visit our finance information page.

Is this a one-day operation, or will I have to stay overnight?
Depending on the procedure, the surgery itself can be relatively quick. In fact, if we perform the operation laparoscopically, there are no restrictions on physical activity immediately afterward. While there may be some discomfort, it shouldn’t affect your daily routine.

However, we highly recommend at least a one night stay after the procedure for rest or easy access in the unlikely event of any complications. Additionally, we suggest coming in from Dallas the night before to make sure you are well-rested for the procedure. We have a partnership with SpringHill Suites in Oklahoma City, which includes special rates for our patients.

When I get back to Dallas, will be able to eat the same foods I used to?
For the first two weeks after surgery, you must follow our specific diet guidelines. This includes what you can eat and drink, and how much. If you stray from the diet at any point, even if it’s just a snack here or there, could have adverse effects on your weight loss or cause injury.

Another thing to consider: you’re seeking our help because of your current lifestyle. While the operation is the first step to weight loss, you’re on your way to a complete lifestyle change. With that comes changing what you eat and drink and how much.

What can I do to help myself in Dallas before the procedure?
Watch one of our online seminars. You’ll be able to see what our program offers and why it was so successful for so many Dallas residents. Before attending the first appointment, make sure you’ve completed the paperwork and secure a copy of your insurance plan from your HR department.

You’ve already taken the first step: deciding you need a change. We’ll take it from there. You’ll want to remain in contact with your patient advocate in the weeks and days leading up to your surgery. You’ll receive advice as well steps you can take to prepare yourself.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you discover what so many other Dallas residents now know: WeightWise offers the best, most in-depth, and supportive weight loss program in the area. For more information on how to start your journey, contact us today.

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