Weight Loss Surgery Success Stories

Bariatric Surgery Success Story: Before and after pictures of Mike Jantz, bariatric surgery patientThere are a number of reasons people come to WeightWise. Perhaps they never fully healed from an injury that limited their mobility. Or maybe a life-changing event derailed their lifestyle for a few years. Even something as simple as starting a family, working too much, and just the grind of day-to-day life affected their diet or physical activity.

But no matter how they came to WeightWise, they found success with us. Men, women, old, and young turned to us to help with a lifestyle change. The following success stories are just a handful of the hundreds of people we’ve helped. People just like you.

At WeightWise, it goes way beyond the surgery. From the initial conversation to the first few weeks after the surgery, and on through the following months, we’re with you. We feel the best way to lose weight doesn’t begin and end with a gastric sleeve, duodenal switch, or gastric bypass procedure.

It’s what happens after the surgery that dictates how successful your weight loss will be. That’s why we provide dietitians, exercise physiologists, and patient advocates for every patient. We believe this holistic approach gives our patients the best chance at success.

Singles fathers, photographers, shoe aficionados, hunters – people from all walks of life have taken advantage of our unique solution to weight loss. By offering the surgery, diet planning, and workout routines all under one roof, you won’t have to run all over town to see the people you need to see to lose 80, 90, 100 pounds, or more.

Want to See Stories About Success with Gastric Sleeve and Other Weight Loss Surgery?

Read their stories, watch our free online seminar, and find out why our weight-loss program has been so successful for so many. And when you’re ready to make the call, we’ll be here for you.

Patient Success Stories

Rebecca Hill
Angela Baker
Franky Kukuk
Tammy Huff
Heather Lawrence
Nathan Coit
Kathrine Barrows
Billie Moore
Erika Munoz
Emili Daffern
Sandy Myers
Holli Witherington
Amy Downs
Mike Jantz
Mickey Marsee
Jennifer Smith
Jeff Craig
Diana Hampton
Shauna Meyer

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