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Testimonial: Amy Downs

What would you want to tell others considering weight loss surgery?

DO IT. Knowing what I know now; I would have paid twice or triple the amount of money. Listen to what the doctors say and follow it. If you follow their plan, this will change your life. I weighed over 350 lbs at my highest weight and wearing a size 32 not to mention all the medications I had to take. Now – I am fit and healthy and wear a size 8.

What has been the biggest surprise in your post-operative life?

I discovered an inner athlete!! I never participated in any kind of sports, never ran, never did anything that might cause me to sweat. Even starting out with Dr. Broussard I would lie and tell him I was walking for activity. Now I am up at 4:15 every morning to hit the gym and riding my bike in the evenings. I also discovered running and swimming. I have completed several half marathons and one full marathon along with many sprint triathlons. I am now the president of the Oklahoma Bicycle Society – I would have NEVER believed that any of this was possible. My life is completely different now.

What are some differences between your pre-op and post-op life?

Before my sleeve I would sit on the couch eating Cheetos or ice cream watching the biggest loser and dreaming of when I would finally stick to a diet and lose the weight. Now, I am busy planning which marathon, century ride, or triathlon I want to participate in.

Why did you choose the WeightWise Bariatric Program?

I loved the doctor’s approach to educating the patients. They aren’t just lining us up for surgery to make a buck, they really care and want to arm us with all the information needed to make this tool work to the maximum. And of course Dr. B is from my home state of Louisiana! Gotta support a Cajun!
While this is a very exciting journey and you will lose weight – you must also invest yourself in this process. The surgery alone will not bring about complete success. You have to dedicate yourself to eating healthy and exercising for the rest of your life. However, this becomes exciting because you have a tool that makes you successful when you combine those efforts. A sleeve combined with healthy eating and activity equals a brand new life so you better get ready because the ride of your life is about to begin!!!

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