As you embark on your journey toward weight loss and a new active lifestyle, you will need to have as many helpful resources as possible to help you along the way. Whether it is an encouraging story from someone who has undergone bariatric surgery or a delicious recipe that has been tested, having a strong support system is what will help you stay successful in losing weight.

Success Stories

We work with people from all walks of life. Whether it is someone who has struggled with their weight for the duration of their life or someone who has only gained weight in the last few years. We are proud to say that many patients have experienced life-changing results with WeightWise.


Whether it’s facts about your surgery, tips on how to continue to meet your goals, or learning more about our various services, our blogs offer important details that can answer your questions and keep you informed. We also have hundreds of delicious recipes for upcoming holidays, quick dinners, and the occasional snack.

Surgery questions

A rundown of the most frequently asked questions about bariatric surgery, including the best weight-loss procedure for you, potential dangers, or how long your post-op surgery recovery will be. The FAQ page will cover many questions, but please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Financial Questions

Weight loss surgery is an investment in the future. Curious about how much it costs? Not sure if your insurance will cover the procedure? That’s okay. We can help provide the answers to your questions and give you convenient payment options.

Video Archives

Watch videos of our bariatric surgeons, the program as a whole, and how to handle changes in your lifestyle. You’ll gain a greater understanding of what WeightWise provides and see why we feel our process gives you the best chance at long-term weight loss.

Benefits and Risks

Undergoing weight loss surgery is something that will change your life. While there are many advantages to having a bariatric procedure, there are some important risks and complications that you should be aware of. These will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Patient Accommodations

From the moment you step into our office to the second you leave after undergoing surgery, we want you to feel like you are well cared for. Your comfort is important to us. That’s why we have partnered with Springhill Suites in Oklahoma City to provide you the most comfortable space possible to relax and recover from your procedure.

Guide for Pain Management

Although WeightWise uses state of the art laparoscopic technology, you may still feel some discomfort during the first days or weeks. We want to make sure you feel as little pain as possible, so we offer this guide to help see you through the potential pain you may feel.

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