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Testimonial: Jennifer Smith

My journey at WeightWise has been amazing!

I was skeptical, nervous and simply not convinced this was for me when I began. Thankfully, all the caring and helpful folks at WeightWise guided me along this process, and six months after I began, and my insurance finally approved this procedure for me, (and 86 lbs thinner) I had the Gastric Sleeve. This whole process has be a HUGE blessing in my life! I have lost a total of 220lbs and counting…

For me, the benefits have been numerous:

  • Diabetes – gone!
  • Kidney function labs – normal!
  • Mobility – fantastic!

I actually walked with a walker (and struggled with that) for over two years! I wasn’t able to do my own shopping and had to rely on one of my great family supporters to do all my running around and shopping for me!

I am filled with the most gratitude to my Lord and, of course, the caring staff at WeightWise. They continue to hold my hand through this incredible journey two years later! The doctors, dieticians, patient advocates, psychologist, exercise physiologists and front desk support are always so helpful and willing to take time for me!

Thank You to Touch of Wonder Photography for providing all patient 'After' photos.

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