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Testimonial: Jeff Craig

I chose to have the gastric sleeve weight loss surgery 4 years ago, and have not regretted it one day since. It has been the easiest weight loss, but it has not been easy. The surgery is a tool, not a “cure-all”. It is a life- long commitment-if you are not committed to using this tool, it won’t work.  My only regret is that I waited until I was 47 years old to do this.

The changes in my life are unbelievable. I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on or how bad I really felt on a daily basis due to my being overweight. I have always been a hunter and enjoy going to Mississippi for 3 weeks to deer camp every year, but since my weight loss I have seen more of the 1100 acres in the past 4 years than I have in the 30 years I have been making that trip.

I enjoy working on my place now and am trying to get it cleaned back up from all those years of letting it run down because I couldn’t get around. This is awesome to me.

My family is amazed at how much energy I have now!

…and my willingness to do things with them that I avoided before. Something as simple as walking the pasture with my wife, to chasing the grandkids around the yard, or going to a movie…actually fitting comfortably into the seat…and not hearing a stranger make comments about my weight.

One of my before photos shows me doing one of my favorite things—cooking for a crowd.  Through the WeightWise team I learned that I have to trust that I am a good cook, either taste test while I’m cooking OR wait and eat when I’m through cooking but NOT BOTH! I am pursuing my love of cooking, participating in some BBQ contests, and even catering some events. My wife says not to worry….You CAN trust a skinny cook!

I chose the WeightWise program because compared to the other programs we had checked into in the past, the people at WeightWise really seemed to care, and to listen. The approach that we all had to work on this together was different from other places that just told you to mortgage your house, have the surgery & then you were done. It didn’t seem like the patient was really involved in the process, and once you had the surgery they didn’t care what happened to you. The team at WeightWise is just as committed as you are, and celebrates with you.

I have had the opportunity to visit with other people considering surgery, and tell them honestly, yes, it was scary, yes it has been a journey, but it is worth every milestone.

Thank You to Touch of Wonder Photography for providing all patient 'After' photos.

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