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Testimonial: Shauna Meyer

I’m Shauna Meyer and I am the photographer behind Touch of Wonder Photography. In 2008 I started the long journey of losing more than half of myself. I weighed in at nearly 300 pounds and I was miserable! But I put on a happy smile every day. I was bright and cheery and I told people that I loved being ME. The truth is that I hated myself. I hated the way I felt. I hated the way I looked. Most of all, I hated that I couldn’t control my eating even after I was told that the ONE thing I wanted more than anything in life would never be possible… that I would never be called “Mom”. I would never kiss little booboos or sing my babies to sleep at night. I’d never play Santa and get to hear the laughter of little children on Christmas morning.

My final straw came when I went to an amusement park and stood in a line a mile long to ride the spinning swings. I tried my hardest to get the seat belt buckled but I knew there must be something wrong with it because it was about 12 inches too short. When the ride attendant came by to secure everybody I asked him to help me figure out what I was doing wrong and he said “Nothing, your just too big for this ride so you need to get off.” It was the worst feeling of sadness and embarrassment I have ever felt. I had to make my way around the whole ride to get to the gate to exit , in front of 200 people who by this time were curious to know why the ride hadn’t started yet. I was so devastated I couldn’t control my sobbing. That was my turning point, the worst of it… and I’d had my share of knockdowns, been left crying in the rain on a blind date more than once. But this was the worst.

So I began my journey and I eventually lost 137 pounds. It changed my life dramatically! Not only did it change the way I felt about myself on the outside but it changed who I was on the inside. When I was overweight I blamed everything that happened in my life on the fact that I was large. I didn’t get promoted because I was overweight, I didn’t get invited because I was overweight, I didn’t get the parking spot because I was overweight, even as ridiculous as that might sound. It followed me everywhere. I even went as far as giving up what I loved the most, photography. It was my biggest dream as a little girl/teenager and I showed so much potential for it even back in the day. But gaining 100+ pounds took that away from me and I couldn’t even find joy in art…. I never once imagined that I would be able to let all of the pain go and take the leap into owning my own successful business. But I did it.

I just want others to know losing the weight is HARD, its painful, it’s probably one of the hardest battles to win. But once you win, you’ll never ever understand how you lived life any other way. So if you are struggling with weight, start today, start right NOW. Because there is another life waiting for you! By the way…..I now have 2 beautiful little girls I get to sing to at night. No booboo goes unkissed and the sound of children’s laughter echoes through the walls of my home every single day. I worked hard and God gave me the chance to be called “Mom”.

Thank You to Touch of Wonder Photography for providing all patient 'After' photos.

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