Do I hear grumbling and mumbling from the crowd already?? I know that keeping a daily food journal can be a pain in the “you know what”, but I also know how beneficial it can be. I cannot claim to journal all the time. But I do keep a journal during really busy/stressful times (holidays, birthdays, etc) or when I feel like I’m slipping off track a little too often. Even though it takes time and a bit of effort, the end result is worth it!  This simple tool can help you in a few different ways: 

  1. Accountability. It keeps you accountable to yourself first and foremost. Writing in that journal is the perfect little reminder if you are heading for a snack just because it’s 3:30 instead looking for true hunger. 
  2. Clarity. It gives you perspective about what and how much you are truly eating.  It also lets you look back to when (what time of day) you eat and how you feel (stressed/happy/angry/sad). You will start to fully understand your eating habits and if you use food as a coping mechanism. 
  3. Changes.  Once you start to understand your eating fully, you can make changes and alterations specifically for your life. That’s when this new healthy lifestyle really starts to take hold. 

Now that you know what journaling can do for you, you might be wondering how to start. Well my challenge to you for the New Month Resolution is to keep a daily log of all of your food and fluid intake

There are so many options out there for food journaling. It can be as simple as a note book or pad that you write on or you can use this Weekly Food Journal template. If you are more of a techie, then try out the free apps for MyFitnessPal or LoseIt. Both are great apps with a large database for logging foods and fluid. Websites like FitDay.com also have free food trackers available. 

Throughout the month we will review these different options for food journaling, as well as talk about how to make small changes for a healthy lifestyle. Once you start journaling and questions arise, email the journal to your WeightWise dietitian…we are happy to look at them and help find solutions to the issues you are facing! 

Happy Journaling! ~Lauren 

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