sorenessBy Lauren Wilburn

Did anyone complete the challenge this week? My co-worker Lauren and I knocked it out yesterday! Today we are a little sore but a good sore! Does anyone else like to be sore after a workout? Do you k now why you are sore after a workout?

Well, it’s called DOMS, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. According to sports medicine, “The delayed muscle soreness of DOMS is generally at its worst within the first 2 days following a new, intense activity and slowly subsides over the next few days.” So what really causes this pain, well it’s essentially the tearing of muscles fibers.  You may experience little soreness or you may experience a great deal of pain, just depends how aggressive you get with your workout.  I have experienced both. When I train for marathons, first thing I do after a long hard run is get in an ice bath, yep that happens. I keep my toes out of the water and just get my legs in. I’m not 100% sure it really does anything but it makes me feel better instantly. Then I spend time on my foam roller and really stretch. All of this together really helps me recover.

Best way to help prevent soreness is to start slow and stretch after your workout. We want to make sure our bodies are ready and warmed up. Any time we start a new workout you may have some soreness or stiffness and that is ok. I like to think of it as we are changing things! If I never get sore then I always wonder, am I doing enough? Am I challenging myself enough?  I don’t need to be sore all the time but occasional soreness is alright. Remember we want to exercise smarter, not harder. So do not be afraid to be sore, just start slow and keep in mind that the activity you are doing is great for your body!

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