pregnancy-smallA lot of questions arise during pregnancy. Even the most cavalier of people will have some questions to google. With my first one due in July, I have been one of those people. I ask my doctor, sisters, and even read peer-reviewed research about certain things. I hope that the information I gather can be a resource for you. Hence, the video series. Today on the Pregnancy Diaries we are starting at square one.

Is it okay to get pregnant after weight loss surgery?

Our team here at WeightWise has 10 years of experience with weight loss surgery and what you can (or can not) do after it.

Pregnancy after weight loss surgery is perfectly safe. Your bariatric surgery at WeightWise is not a reason you should avoid pregnancy if that is something you want. In fact, infertility from conditions such as PCOS can improve and menstrual cycles can regulate after weight loss from bariatric surgery.

It is ideal to wait a period of 18 months after your weight loss surgery to become pregnant. The recommended waiting period will ensure you have plenty of time to lose weight and reach your weight goal. Once your weight has stabilized and you are in a maintenance phase, your body can better handle the active process of growing that cute little bundle.

If you are interested in discussing your current or future pregnancy and have had a bariatric surgery with us, please call 405-359-2473 to make an appointment today!

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