This blog was written by Stephanie Moore MS, RD/LD

I often times get the question of B12 and energy level in my office. We often hear the benefits of B12 and energy level…so more is better, right?

Well…yes and no. If your B12 levels are in a normal range, more B12 may not make a big difference. A recent study posted on Medscape concluded “there is little available information about the use of vitamin B12 to treat fatigue in patients without vitamin B12 deficiency.”

However, if you have a low B12 level, then yes…you will feel fatigued and supplementing with B12 to increase your levels to normal range will improve energy level.

After a weight-loss surgery, B12 is no longer absorbed in the gastro-intestinal tract. Not from food or from an oral supplement. Instead, patients must utilize a sublingual (under tongue) B12, an injection or a nasal spray. Discuss options and dosages with your dietitian.

Vitamin B12 is one of the B-complex vitamins and is important for your nerves for function properly. It also works together with folic acid to make red blood cells and other compounds important for the cardiovascular and immune systems. Other symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency include diarrhea, yellowish skin and eyes, irritability and depression, muscle weakness, difficulty walking, changes in vision, and/or a burning sensation in the mouth. Be sure to get your yearly lab work completed to ensure your B12 is in the desired range.

If you’re feeling fatigued- be sure you are drinking all your hydrating fluids and getting a good night’s sleep!

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