Please click on the link below to access our updated Patient Dashboard.  This is the one-stop information entry area for the WeightWise program.  We recommend that you bookmark the login page as you might need to come back to update personal information, get forms, contact the clinic, etc.

If this is your first time accessing the dashboard, please note that there are several different sections to be completed. In addition to the general info, physician info and payor info there is a medical history questionnaire under the “Reason for Contact” tab.  There are 8 different sub-sections under the medical history tab.  It takes most patients around 20 minutes to complete, but accurate information will help your first appoint run more smoothly and allow us to help you make a better decision about what procedure is best for you.

**Pay special attention to the Emergency Contact section and Referring Physician sections.  These are often overlooked.  Any attending physician or healthcare provider you see regularly should be entered, even if they did not explicitly refer you to our program.

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