Weight Loss Success Story Georgette Penick

Describe your life before you had Weight Loss Surgery.

“Prior to surgery I weighed 234lbs, I am 5’1”. I shuddered from high blood pressure that I developed after having my son. My asthma was uncontrolled. I was a an athlete in Highschool and college and I could not even chase my child in the yard. I was miserable and I was embarrassed for my son as he went through school. I did exercise, I was a soccer ref. but food was my comfort item, my celebration item, it was how I shared my feelings and covered them as well.

I had got so big that I could not ride the rides at Disneyland with my son, I had to sit by my self and he rode with my mom. But that still was not enough to convince me to do something. It took 15 more years and Achilles’ tendon surgery, I could not lift myself with my upper body I had to ask my 72 year old dad for help, was my breaking point. I decided once I was healed from this I would do something to fix my self.”

How long were you considering Weight Loss Surgery before you came in?

“I had talked to a student’s mom who had surgery with you guys and started thinking about it. Then when I had my Achilles’ tendon surgery and could not lift myself that was it. From that point to my first appointment it was May 2nd of 2019 when I couldn’t lift myself, my first appointment was Oct 8,2019 and I had surgery on Dec 13 2019, it was a Friday by the way.”

What was it like to work with our team?

“It has been easy. I have felt relaxed the whole process. Even when I sent Dr. Bussard a text message at home one evening because I was concerned over how my stomach looked. He acted like it was no big deal. Got right with me, calmed me down an laughed with me. Not many doctors will do that.”

Describe your life now, after Weight Loss Surgery:

“Oh my so this will sound funny but I live by myself so the fact that I can reach the middle of my back again and that I can bend over and reach my toes are blessings to me!! But right after surgery I had to run after a child to keep them in eye sight until authorities could come and I did not have to grab my inhaler!!! I am off of my blood pressure medicine too!”

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