If you have a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, did you know that it is adjustable? An adjustment, otherwise known as a “fill”, uses an injection of saline solution from the inner balloon, through an internal port that is connected to the band itself.

When you first get the band, it is left empty. Around six weeks later, patients can start talking about undergoing the first fill. The timing will be determined by your doctor and is usually based on your rate of weight loss, in addition to several other factors.

How does a band fill work?

First, at the time of your surgery, the access port will be placed. The doctor will use a needle that is about three inches long to inject the saline into the port. The port is located slightly under the skin in the upper part of the abdominal wall. As it fills up, it will put some pressure on the top part of the stomach.

The goal of the band fill is to find the right amount of fluid that will allow you to eat enough to feel full, but also get the proper amount of nutrients. Limiting the portion size and controlling the amount of food intake is what the banding system was designed for. It is a delicate balance and your experienced physician at WeightWise will get it right so you can enjoy the long-term weight loss process.

You will need to visit your doctor three to five times in the first year to ensure the gastric banding procedure properly fitted. Usually twice a year you will have the band adjusted. If the band is too tight, there will be warning signs that we will ask you about. Typically, the band fills should not be painful.

Lap band fills are a necessary part of your gastric band surgery and will ensure that everything is a success so you can continue to lose weight. Our medical professionals will work with you to support and encourage you. We’ll help you stay on track in your weight loss surgery and answer any questions you have about the band fill process.

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