I have been thinking quite a bit about a certain topic recently. Mainly because Easter is coming, then cook outs, and 4th of July…the endless cycle of social gatherings in upon us. With all of the family and friends gathered around a table of food, questions arise and temptations abound. So here are the questions I want you to think about….

*How do you feel during big family gatherings? Does your family find it hard to relate to what you can or cannot eat?*

photo via www.theckefiles.com

photo via www.theckefiles.com

Explaining why you can’t (or shouldn’t) eat a certain food to someone who has never struggled with their weight is challenging. No offense to them or anyone else…but honestly, they just don’t get it. The saying that “one bite won’t hurt” is false on most accounts. One bite can send the best of us into a cycle spinning down and out of control. Next stop: carb rehab. 

So I want to hear from you…

How do you deal with family or social gathering?

Does your family push you to eat things you shouldn’t and how do you answer them?

This is an open forum. All comments and questions are welcome.

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