Two of our veteran patients noticed they start slipping over the years. While their exercise is amazing (they are both Tri-Athletes!!), their nutrition was not exactly on par. With both Mat and Amy battling a 20-pound regain seven years post bariatric surgery, they decided to take back control with a reboot diet from WeightWise. 

We saw the ups and downs that come with Week 1 of the reboot. The saga continues with the

Diary of a REBOOT Week 2….

Day 8

MAT: As we continue this journey it seems to be getting easier. I was not a physically active as typical last weekend. I had a super busy weekend, and usually I would have had something quick and probably not so healthy (Never fast food though) but I had my supplements, so I was fine. I started today off with a great swim and look forward to a long bike ride here in a few minutes. Just like Amy, I am looking forward to meat and veggies. I don’t have my appointment with Chris until a week from Friday, but will continue the protein after day 14. My weight loss is at 12 pounds as of this morning, but think this week we will see a downward trend. 

DAY 9:

MAT: Had two hours of spin this morning.  I went by WeightWise last night and got my restock of supplements. I’m a big fan of the Mocha shake mix and Quest bars. The Italian Tomato soup is great too, but has a tendency to upset my poor little stomach. I was running so far behind this morning I did not weight, but I can guarantee my toe nails are prettier than Amy’s! 
 AMY: I cannot believe I have made it over a week now!  I am freaking pumped that the end is in sight now.  I have come to peace with my chocolate protein shakes.  I almost enjoy them now.  I am 10 lbs. down but more importantly I am not craving any junk.  I crave meat and veggies, for real.  I’m not even that in love with veggies and the thought of a bowl of cauliflower with a little cheese sprinkled on it sounds like heaven.  Oh, what about some deli meat and cheese roll ups?  OMG.   You have no idea what a HUGE change this is for me.  Don’t tell Dr. B. but I had a habit of hitting Raising Cane’s for chicken, fries, and sweet tea several times a week. 
I have an appointment with Chris at Weight Wise to go over a plan to transition out of Reboot back to healthy eating.  I’m really excited about this.  She knows my activity level and can help me with fueling for the different athletic events I have coming up.  Speaking of activity I want to share something with you…
I was NEVER active in my life previous to WLS.  Even after my surgery when I would go in for those checkups and they would ask me if I had been exercising, I would say, “oh yeh, um, I walked for about 45 minutes”.  Okay, well, that was a flat out lie.  I never got active until my weight loss stalled out and then I finally went to a gym.   Going to a gym is fine and all but it feels like a work out.  It isn’t fun necessarily.  If you want to really change your life you need to find an activity that you actually enjoy and that you can do with friends.  This will make it become part of your life.  For me it was finding the love of riding a bicycle again.  My sister invited to me go for a ride with her I thought, sure why not I enjoyed riding a bike as a kid.  I had so much fun.  I was finally small enough to fit on a bike and ride for 10 minutes without having a heart attack.  We probably only rode 30 minutes and my legs were like jello when I was done but it was so much fun.  I started meeting her several times a week at Lake Hefner and we would ride all the way around it.  I found out that there are lots of community bicycle rides out there for all levels of abilities.  I started joining in on some and met all kinds of people.  What is interesting is that I kept meeting other people like me, WLS patients who had lost massive amounts of weight and were looking for an activity to stay healthy.  Three of my closest bike riding buddies have each lost over 150 lbs. each.   So maybe bicycle riding isn’t your thing. You don’t have to be confined to a gym.  What about dancing?  Swimming?  Walking? Running? Skating? Hiking? There are lots of things you can do.  No excuses.

Day 10:

IMG_0012MAT: Wednesday is my day to sleep in. That being said, I don’t get up until 5:30! We (Terra Tri) do not have a structured Wednesday morning workout, so I actually got some things accomplished around the house. I stopped by a dear friend of mines office this morning. She is a very well respected physician in the Oklahoma City area. As soon as I stuck my head in her office door, she said “You’ve lost more weight!” CAN YOU SAY…. MOTIVATION!!!! It’s only been about three weeks since I have been to the office. Immediately she started parading me around the office, and telling her office staff about the “Re-Boot.” It was sooooo funny… One of their vendors had brought donuts this morning and, people started hiding the donuts, and the receptionist even threw hers in the trash. I laughed so hard my sides hurt. This evening Lanc Schmitt and I are riding from his house south of Lake Hefner to Mitch Park YMCA for our team swim (1900 yards) and then ride back to Lanc’s house. I’m really not looking forward to the ride back if this wind is cranked up like it is now! 🙁 Anyway… Things are moving along just fine. Weight has fluctuated just an ounce or two one way or the other the last couple of days, but activity has not been as strenuous as typical. IMG_0029
AMY: Show me the numbers.  Let’s be honest here, it is all fine and well that I am feeling good and that I am back in control but we all want to see weight loss. I have lost 10 lbs.  Personally I think I should have lost 20 by now – hey, this is HARD!  Anyway, I suppose I should be excited about the 10 and I am but I just want to see a little bit more.  Greedy I am.   I still have several more days of shakes, bars, shakes, bars, shakes, etc so hopefully I will see the scale move again.  Meanwhile, looks like I need a pedi.

Day 11:

AMY: My bad attitude is returning.  I hate shakes.  I hate bars.  I never want to taste anything chocolate flavored again.  Cream of chicken soup makes me gag.  Whose idea was this?  I bet Dr. B came up with it.  I really think that man should have been an Army boot camp officer.  I’m not sure I can do this 4 more days.  I’m so done with this. My weight is still the same.  That makes me so mad.  Meanwhile Mat is dropping weight like crazy.  Why do men always lose so much faster than women?  Not fair.

Day 12

AMY: I am not going to talk about my weight and how the scales won’t move and how mad it is making me.  Time to focus on non-scale victories.  Here is a big one for me.  I am a slow runner and this year my pace has been anywhere from 13 to over 14 minutes for every mile that I cover.  With 10 lbs. off my body I am running faster.  Yesterday I ran 3 miles and kept a pace of 12 minutes for every mile!  I was really happy with that and so was my husband who runs with me.   He noticed my faster pace right away and asked me what I thought was different to have caused it.  I said, “I don’t have a backpack with 10 lbs. of fat in it I guess!”
I feel so much better.  My clothes which had been tight are now fitting comfortably.  I’m not tired and fatigued.  I have more energy.  I have actually been researching the WeightWise site for recipes and have a stack of them I want to try as soon as Reboot is over……2 more days!!!!!!! These are all very good things.

Day 14:

MAT: It’s all about making healthy choices. I met with Chris last Friday, and will honestly say, that weighing with my boots, and jacket on was a bad idea. I knew after a week off the reboot that I would have put on or retained a little. I immediately went home and stripped down and reweighed…. I was up just over a pound, but that’s not too disappointing. Chris laid out a plan for me. I am training as hard as ever, and we will see where we end up. My follow-up with Dr. Walton is not until January 8th. I will be in Seattle for the holiday, and hiking and climbing is on the agenda. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Christmas Party!


AMY: Break out the fork because I am done!!!  I met with Chris the dietitian at WeightWise and I am super excited about my nutrition plan going forward.  I feel in control now and ready to focus on meat and veggies.  I have been craving shrimp, steak, chicken, pork, and have my fridge stocked and ready to eat real food again.   Chris developed a plan customized to me and my acitivity level.  It wasn’t a one size fits all so I won’t bore you with the details since they are specific to me.  The main part that fits all WLS patients is focusing on 3 meals a day, protein and veggies.  The biggest challenge in what she gave me was that she wants me to drink 128 oz of water a day.   Folks, that is a lot of water.  Honestly, I don’t know if I can do that.  So my plan is to start with 3 of the big smart waters and increase from there.  That would be 100 oz of water which is quite a bit more than I have been drinking.  Even though my Reboot ended, it is only the beginning for me.  I still have some weight I want to lose.  Chris thinks its realistic that I could get to 155.  I would be happy at 165 but 155 sounds exciting too.  I briefly hit 155 in 2012 and felt pretty good at that weight.   I am checking back with Chris in the middle of December and getting a VO2max done.  I’ll report back on my progress with another weigh in and review of the V02 max.



If you would like more information about our weight loss program at WeightWise in Oklahoma, please watch one of our free online seminars to get started! And again, do not start the reboot diet without personally consulting your dietitian first. 

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