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Now that you are setting those New Year’s resolutions, do you need to get your weight loss back on track? Did you know that WeightWise offers a REBOOT program? Want to know more? Stay tuned for the new REBOOT Blog series.

We want to introduce you to Amy and Mat. In late 2015 they both decided it was time to get back on track. (BEFORE the holidays!) They are so brave and were willing to share their REBOOT experience with their fellow patients – YOU!

Mat and Amy are both are about 7 years out from weight loss surgery. They both have been successful in their transformation journeys. But the fact is– even the most successful patients need to reassess where they are and how they are eating, especially if they see a regain in weight. 


AMY: I know if I was able to view a diary of WLS (weight loss surgery) patients who did the reboot and saw what to prepare for (mentally) and saw they were able to do it, I would be pumped.  Also, once you realize other patients still struggle then you don’t feel alone. 

MAT: There are hundreds I am sure that struggle with post op WLS regain and feel ashamed to come forward.  Amy and I both have 20 pounds we need to lose and we both need to get better control of our nutrition and get back to eating meat and veggies.

Through the next 2 weeks, we will hear from Amy and Mat. The good and the bad. Hope you follow along with the Diary of a REBOOT  and feel a little more prepared to get back on track with your journey. 

Note: Do not start the reboot diet without speaking to your dietitian first. 

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