One of the greatest things about my job is getting to hear your stories. What brought you here, your goals, the successes, and sometimes frustrations of your journey. I love to hear about trips, vacations, and activities you never thought you would do, but are now realities. Learning about how your life has changed is the best part of my job. And Angie’s story is one worth hearing– I hope it will help and inspire you.

Thank you, Angie, for sharing with us so that even just one person may benefit!

before1 I can’t believe it will be 2yrs in November since I had my surgery.  I started this process out at 298lbs. My husband and family had no idea that I was toying with 300lbs on my body.  I was miserable on the inside and just knew there was no way out.  I had tried every possible diet and/or exercise on the planet.  I had done it all and failed!  Then I went to Branson for a family vacation and had to take the walk of shame because I could not buckle the buckle on a roller coaster.  I was humiliated!  I tried so hard not to cry and put on the happy go lucky face that I always did!  My world was falling apart and had been for a long time where my weight was concerned. It took a “ROLLERCOASTER” to get me to wake up and take a look at myself and my life!  I got online found Weight Wise watched the videos and scheduled my appointment. 


So my journey began and I scheduled my first appt to see Dr. Walton in October 2013.

before3 before2

I had to lose 30 lbs before surgery.  I was initially going to have surgery in January and thought wow I only have 3 months to lose 30 pounds.  But as odds would have it, there was a surgery cancellation and my surgery was bumped up to November 2013.  I dropped 28 lbs in one month!  I couldn’t believe it!  I just did what the WeightWise staff told me to do and the weight came off!

This process was defiantly not an easy one.  I didn’t share my journey with many people because I did not want to be judge or hear how I was taking the easy way out.  Now, I share my journey with everyone. If I can help just one person who might be feeling the same way I was when I walked through the doors at WeightWise that is what I am going to do.  I know how it felt to be scare, alone, and feeling like a failure!

after 1 after2

From Angela's husband to celebrate her success! "I could not have done this without his support from the beginning and his continued support now!"

From Angela’s husband to celebrate her success. “I could not have done this without his support from the beginning and his continued support now!”

I have done so many things since my surgery:  Ran the OKC half marathon, Ran the Dirty 30 (21 obstacle mud run), I have run several 5k’s, and I went back to Branson to ride that roller coaster that changed my life for the better. I have hiked to the top of Gloss Mountain, practically ran to the top of the water slides at White Water Bay and I wasn’t even out of breath. Now I exercise almost daily, eat normally, drink fluids like crazy, play with my kids, laugh more than I have in years, and just enjoy living!

2015 OKC Half Maraton

2015 OKC Half Marathon

July 2015 Dirty Thirty Mud Run

July 2015 Dirty Thirty Mud Run

Walk for Obesity

Walk for Obesity

I just want to thank Dr. Walton, you and all the Weight Wise staff for giving me my life back!  For being loving and caring with such a sensitive situation and healing a very broken woman!


Angela, Changed Forever

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