Undergoing weight loss surgery is a major life decision. It will require completely changing your lifestyle and making sacrifices that you didn’t have to make before. Thinking about the physical changes that will happen as a result of successful bariatric surgery is exciting, but it’s important not to neglect some of the emotional tolls that it can take.

What Type of Personality Changes Should I Expect After Bariatric Surgery?

With the variety of hormonal changes that are happening in the body after surgery, mood and emotional changes can happen. Hormones will fluctuate after surgery as a result of nutrient and sugar intake being limited and insulin production being altered. Post-surgery, your diet will change drastically.

No matter the type of bariatric surgery – sleeve gastrectomy, duodenal switch, or gastric bypass surgery – they all require a specialized diet for a short time before the surgery, post-op, and for the rest of your life. It will require restricting or even fully eliminating certain foods and drinks that you once enjoyed regularly. No more binge eating, much less sugar intake, and overall smaller portions will be the new norm.

Because of this, insulin production is changed, and this causes the levels of amino acids that are released in order to release healthy serotonin amounts to enter the brain. Decreased serotonin levels can lead to mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Once you start seeing the weight come off, you will likely feel encouraged. But for some people, their obesity has been imprinted into their whole being and it may be difficult to not stress about maintaining your new weight. This often becomes a source of anxiety for weight loss patients.

However, for most bariatric patients, any negative personality changes are overshadowed by how great they are beginning to feel. Losing great amounts of weight helps reduce inflammation around joints and bolsters blood circulation, which helps with nutrient absorption. In addition, many patients experience a surge in energy and have a newfound enthusiasm for life and being active.

It is easier to get outside and stay physically fit, which helps with maintaining your new weight and seeing increased weight loss. In short, feeling better physically will translate to you feeling better mentally and having an improved body image. Improved diet and exercise helps in both the short and long terms.

If you are ready to learn more about bariatric surgery, losing weight, and determining if it is right for you, we can help. In addition to losing weight, surgery is a great way to address diabetes, normalize blood pressure, and even lessen the chance of some cancers. Contact our team of experienced surgeons at WeightWise today.

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