It is Transformation Tuesday around here and what better way to celebrate than with a patient spotlight? Say welcome to Chase because it is his story we are reading this month. He says it best when he says, “Follow the plan and you’re golden.” It can be so difficult to change your habits and lifestyle, but that is exactly what we ask of you. And that is exactly what Chase did. He committed to a change, he lost 270 pounds, and has gained immeasurable quality of life.
It might seem impossible to make a complete life change. But it is possible with support. Whether your support system is here at WeightWise, another clinic, or family and friends, support can make a world of difference. As Chase says, “I think we tend to be our harshest critics and fear being judged as ‘less than’ for the perceived inability to “go it alone”….”. I cannot thank you enough, Chase, for being open, honest, and willing to share your journey with us. 

Patient Spotlight: Chase

Chase weighed about 509 pounds before deciding to have the Gastric Sleeve at WeightWise

Chase weighed about 509 pounds before deciding to have the Gastric Sleeve at WeightWise.

  • What was your motivation to come to the WeightWise clinic in Edmond?

Every year, like clockwork, I would start a weight loss plan, have limited success for two to three months, then gain the weight back (plus more). At 509 pounds, I knew it was time to end that cycle. My weight was beginning to impact my health; I was being treated for high blood pressure and sleep apnea, my joints hurt, I was frequently fatigued after any physical activity. I was simply unhappy with my life. Although I’m an outgoing person, I was so uncomfortable with my appearance that I became somewhat isolated. I dreaded returning home for holidays or socializing with friends knowing they would see that I gained even more weight. When I accepted the fact that this obstacle was not something I could overcome on my own, I was ready.

  • What personal goals have you met on your journey?

Beyond the milestones on the scale, which are great yardsticks to measure progress, my “wow” moments were practical things that have improved my day-to-day life. Every morning when I arrive at my desk not sweating profusely after the five-minute walk from the parking lot is a celebration. Losing weight has unchained me from the one or two high-priced clothing shops that provided my 5XL shirts and 58” pants. I no longer feel compelled to fill empty time with empty calories or have to worry about chairs being too small. I’m just me; imperfect like everyone else, but less obviously so. 

  • What is something you do everyday to ensure your long term success?

Every night before bed, I take 5 to 10 minutes to journal my meals for the following day using the MyFitnessPal app. In addition to removing the guesswork from the next 24 hours, it is a deliberate way to identify and solve problems in advance. For example, if I have a lunch meeting or dinner out with friends, I can look up menus and calories in advance (a big majority of restaurants have nutrition info on their website), log it and I’m committed to the plan. 

Chase has lost 270 pounds during his journey!

Chase has lost 270 pounds during his journey!

The first two weeks after surgery with liquids-only are tough. You will think you made a mistake, but you didn’t. Listen to your doctor, your dietitian, and your exercise physiologist. Follow the plan and you’re golden. 

Oh! And get the orange calcium chews…. they taste like Starburst.

  •  Why did you choose WeightWise in Oklahoma? 

I chose WeightWise because of its holistic approach to weight loss. It’s not only about the surgery; it is about creating an environment for the patient to succeed, to thrive, after the procedure. The pre-surgery weight loss, establishing a consistent meal plan, starting simple stretching and workouts, really laid the groundwork for my success after the procedure. Plus, the follow up care with Chris and Colby has created an added layer of accountability.

Outside of a small circle of friends and family, I was initially reluctant to share that I had undergone weight loss surgery. This was a mistake. The more open I have been about my experience, the more support I’ve received. I think we tend to be our harshest critics and fear being judged as ‘less than’ for the perceived inability to “go it alone” without surgery. That’s not the case. It’s the best decision I have made in my life.

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