The Patient Spotlight highlights the weight loss journey of different people. Each person has different reasons for coming to WeightWise in Oklahoma and different reasons for wanting to lose weight. Whatever the reason is, I’m glad you are here and I’m glad you are reading this post. 

Cindy is our Patient Spotlight this month. She has overcome chronic pain and is now able to run around with her kids! She is a wonderful inspiration and picture of how your quality of life can improve after a bariatric surgery. Thank you for sharing your story, Cindy!

Last year on August 26, 2014, I had the bariatric sleeve surgery. A year before that I had a total fusion surgery done on my lower back. I have been limited on lifting and working abilities. Therefore, I felt like I hit rock bottom because of the back surgery. It really made me feel better but I was totally over weight and the bracket and the screws was making me hurt even worse after being fused.  My specialist recommended me losing weight..Lol. Yes, I can lose weight but not enough were its gonna make a big difference. So, that’s when I started searching for weight loss centers.


Well, I found WeightWise in Edmond. By the way the are great people and Dr. Gregory Walton does an awesome job. Anyways, had my consultation and had some positive feed back from appointment with him. Then Matt and I talked about it. So then I started to attend the support groups to learn more. I went through a lot of testing and met all there standard needs and wants. So had surgery on August 26th of 2014. Last Friday,  I got on the scale. I’m down 87 pounds! I have never felt so great and energetic in my life. I have met my goal which is weighing 155 pounds??. Well, I have had people ask me if I’m done. Lol..NO!  I’m going for the 100 pound loss.


So, some think just having surgery is easy and it keeps the weight off. Um NO, it doesn’t! You have to work..I have to work hard to maintain and keep the weight off. I know that some who read this post may think I’m crazy for posting this but I’m proud of myself. I know that I will be able to live a little bit longer in life. I love when I haven’t seen people in awhile and they don’t recognize me! Looking at my before pictures and my my pictures now really does amaze me. I’m not bragging but honestly, I was comfortable with myself and I didn’t realize how I looked. People/friends/family– they let me walk around with them and hangout with them and never told me how bad I looked and they wouldn’t because they love me or like me. I’m just happy I was able to fix a problem I never knew that was hurting me. Before I was walking with a walker after my back surgery and never thought I could walk again like normal without hurting. I can now walk/run/and have fun with my kids again. I guess somethings happen for a reason.

If you would like to be our patient spotlight, please contact lauren.a@weightwise.com.

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