Our patient spotlight is on Jeremy this month. His story is one that will make you realize how life changing a weight loss journey really is. That the physical weight loss pales in comparison to the memories and activities you gain. Jeremy, we are so happy to have been on this journey with you and cannot wait to see what the years bring. Thank you for sharing your story. 


(left): Jeremy after he has lost 316 pounds. (right): Jeremy before he started his journey about 18 months ago.

(left): Jeremy after he has lost 316 pounds. (right): Jeremy before he started his journey about 18 months ago.

Was there anything specific that motivated you to make these changes?

My motivation came from losing my mother 4 years ago to issues from obesity. I realized that I was on the same track. I needed to do something drastic. I also wanted a more normal life and an opportunity for a family. 

Have you met the goals you set or had any “wow” moments?

I have surpassed all of my weight loss goals and could not be more happy. I have had so many “wow” moments…to mention them all would be too much. But I have been on a roller coaster for the first time in my life. I can fit in a booth when dining out now. I was able to buy a sports car and fit into it comfortably. I can do most thing now that most people don’t even realize overweight people struggle with. So far I have lost 316 pounds and I’m right where I want to be. 

Patient Spotlight: Jeremy

Is there one thing you do daily to ensure your success?

Looking back I think I have done everything I needed to do to make sure I have the best chance at success. I knew from the day of the seminar that my life had to change. I told myself the day of surgery that there was no turning back now and that this was the first day of my new life. 

I use the “4 pillars” philosophy everyday as well as exercising as much as I can. I didn’t want to do the minimum. So I have focused on not cheating on my diet and exercising one to two hours a day. It has really paid off and now it is just part of my everyday life. 

Why WeightWise?

I chose WeightWise because I knew someone who had come here and had success. I did research online and decided on coming in for the seminar. Once Dr. Walton gave the presentation, I knew I was in the right place and in good hands. 

This journey would not have been possible without all of the good and caring people here at WeightWise. Everyone is so helpful and willing to go the extra mile for you. I still attend groups and love sharing my success as well as hearing about other success stories. It truly helps keep me on the right track. 

Patient Spotlight: JeremyIf you want to share your journey and be in our patient spotlight, please contact me at lauren.a@weightwise.com. Make sure you check out our other Patient Spotlight stories! 



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