It was approximately 18 weeks ago that I was furiously reading about caffeine during pregnancy. The thought of being utterly exhausted and completely void of my daily coffee was hard to swallow. But there was good news on the other end of my keyboard. The call to my doctor was the confirmation I needed.  

Can I have caffeine?!

photo via www.kellyjbaker.com

photo via www.kellyjbaker.com

My doctors answer was a resounding yes. Yes, you can have caffeine….but with limitations. 

The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology states that caffeine intake up to 200 mg per day is generally recognized as safe. A 200 mg equivalent of caffeine is approximately a 12 oz cup of coffee. So enjoy your morning cup and maybe get used to drinking some decaf. 

How are you mamas feeling out there?


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